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collage_20140514192447713_20140514192553797_20140514192710052On Wednesday, most of the northern San Diego area was hit with multiple wildfires as temperatures soared to a dry and blistering 100 degrees with sustained winds up to 40mph.  My part of town was relatively safe, so I decided to get out of the house and go play a round to get my mind off the news.  I headed to the Vineyard and of course it was petty wide open as most people in the area were more concerned with the news than golf.  I didn’t keep my score as I just listened to my iPod and played 2-3 different balls on each hole just practicing different shots all day long.  We have our work tournament coming up here on Monday the 19th, so it was good to get in a lot of real course practice.  I hit the ball alright, not as great as I would like to right now or have been lately, but I’m still feeling good going into Monday in my ability to help my team score low.  I’m20140514_175824 going to have to drive the ball well and have solid iron play to give us makeable birdie chances.  Most of the work will fall on me if we want to shoot low, so I’m hoping to have some solid range sessions this next few days and hopefully be able to play at least one more time before Monday.

Going back to Monday this week, found some posted tee times on GolfNow from a private club in my local area.  I guess StoneRidge golf club only posts times on Monday afternoons on GolfNow, so it was a nice treat to be able to snag one of them.  I had played here a few times before many  years ago growing up as one of my friends dads was a member and took me along a few times.  If I’m being honest, the conditions were quite disappointing…the chipping areas around the greens and the greens themselves were in excellent conditions, but the fairways and rough were terrible.  The tee boxes were uneven and patchy, not something you typically see from a private club.  I’m sure this recent drought we are having is making it difficult for their maintenance, but I see public courses like Vineyard or Woods Valley which are in excellent condition and cheap and it makes you wonder.

StoneRidge is still a nice and challenging track however with a lot of elevation and dog-legged holes.  Since my course experience here was so long ago, it felt like I was playing the course for the first time and gauging distances on dog leg holes with no course experience is a difficult challenge.  It cost me on more than a few holes as I was left with absolutely terrible angles into greens.  Factor in the 20mph wind gusts and this made for a challenging driving day, in which I failed miserably…only hitting 3 out of the 13 FW’s on this Par 71 track.  I stuck it within 15 ft on every Par 3 however, hitting nice cut shots into each, but only walked away with 1 birdie.  I did avoid any big numbers however and finished the round at a solid 78 (+7).

20140515_11283320140515_115937StoneRidge Country Club Par 71 71.3/130 6,418 Yards

Score: 78 (+7) FW: 3/13 GIR: 9/18 Putts: 32 Up/Down: 1/7 Sand Save: 0/0 Penalties: 0


carmel-mountain-ranch-golf-00973 friends and I headed out to the very difficult Carmel Mountain Ranch golf course today and played a game of 2 vs 2 match play.  We had a blast, a fun and close match, my friend and I ended up winning the match 2&1 after a back and forth battle.  The team we played against actually works at a golf shop and do some teaching as well, so it feels good to compete against and beat some experienced players.

I hit the ball well and putted pretty good, I did have three 3-putts which is a disappointment, but every putt was either going in or burning the edges.  I missed an eagle on the 2nd hole by an inch, was dead center, but somehow it decided to stop going downhill!  No matter, I ended up getting an eagle after all on the Par 5 8th hole!  We were playing best ball style so it was hit your own ball for score and lowest score on each team counts for the match.

I’m very pleased with how I played…a solid (+5) 78 on the tough Par 73 track (#2 can be played as either a par 4 or par 5, we chose par 5 because we played from the tips).  It’s a funny thing to try and explain that I putted really well today, even though I had multiple 3 putts and 2 missed from inside 6ft, but I did.  Every single putt was tracking at the hole and the ones that missed either lipped out or burned the edges, every putt was struck solid.  If I can get my putts down from a 32 average to say 27-29 area, the way I’m hitting it right now, I’ll get that under par round.  That day is coming soon, I can feel it, and things seem to be progressing nicely in all aspects of my game.

20130808_20471920140508_113046Carmel Mountain Ranch Par 73 Tees: Black 73.2/133 6599 Yards

Score: 78 (+5) FW: 9/14 GIR: 11/18 Putts: 36 Up/Down: 2/6 Sand Save: 0/1 Penalties: 1

Golf-Out-of-BoundsThe Vineyard Escondido Par 70 Blue 71.0/126 6,531 Yards

Score: 82 (+12) FW: 7/14 GIR: 7/18 Putts: 31 Up/Down: 1/5 Sand Save: 0/1 Penalties: 4

Hmmm…frustrating day for sure, off the tee is what killed me today.  Funny thing is I still hit 7 of 14 FWs and had some great drives, but the ones that I missed were either out of bounds (of which there were 4!) or stuck behind trees with no legit shot to reach a GIR.  I actually felt in control of my swing all day, I hit a lot of really good shots, but as I noticed on the range, my miss has been a pull hook so I was fighting it all day.  I know that it is caused by coming too far from the inside on my down swing, which has always been my miss, so I just need some more time to groove in the correct path.  I can adjust it easily the next shot and hit a solid straight one, but it is just being able to repeat it each and every time that’s hurting me and ultimately that’s what makes golf so difficult. I’ve found a solid swing this past week at the range and I’m still confident in my game and what I’m doing.  It is close, I believe in myself and I feel it.  Two of my out of bounds of the tee came when I only was hitting a 4 iron off the tee for accuracy, but I pull hooked both and they took some nasty hops out of bounds.  I might need to make sure I just try to hit cuts with my longer irons and take out the right side, possibly just bad course management on my part.

I did have some positives in my game today, my putting and bunker play.  My putting was very good, that different grip I have been trying out this week seems to be helping a lot.  I confidently rolled in multiple 4-6 ft putts for par or bogey and even a couple 12ft plus.  So as bad as my score was, it could have been a lot worse if my putting wasn’t as good as it was today.  I hit 3 good bunker shots today, but they didn’t count as up and downs because the saving putts were for bogey.

I was able to save bogey on 2 of the 4 out of bounds tee shots, which was very nice and I did well to limit the damage caused by a poor driving day.  I am disappointed that I had 0 birdies , just wasn’t able to convert my only 2 legit opportunities from about 8-10ft.

So as disappointed as I am in my score today, my highest in awhile, I’ll take the positives out of the round and move on.  I will accomplish my dream of shooting an under par round of golf, no matter how long it takes, disappointments like these won’t stop me from believing my dream is possible.  I can see it happening in my mind and if you can see it and truly believe it, you can achieve it.


A frustrating week so far, have really been playing great lately and hitting the ball well at the range too, but this week’s scores have been disappointing.  On Monday, I shot a 79 (+9) over at the par 70 Vineyard….started off +7 over the first 8 holes!  My iron game was solid, it was just my driving and putting that cost me.  Hit the first tee shot into the hazard on the right and started with a double bogey 6.  Hit two great shots on the difficult #2 and then 3 putted from about 10 ft total for another bogey.  On the drivable par 4 7th, I hooked my tee shot out of bounds and suffered a bogey on what is usually an easy par and prime birdie opportunity hole when you can hit a solid drive over the corner.  3 putted again on the 8th hole before birding the par 5 9th hole to finish the front 9, 6-over par.  3 over par 38 on the back 9, with 6 pars and 3 bogeys and one more 3 putt for bogey on #15 a par 5.

I had an amazing range session on Saturday night, hit every club well and drove the ball great.  I had so much confidence on that first tee Monday, but my driver disowned me.  All of a sudden I could not feel comfortable with it and it was spraying everywhere.  Hooked it on #1 and # 5, sliced it on #4 and #8….golf is such a cruel and frustrating game!!  I basically abandoned the driver on #9, only using it once the last 11 holes, but I did hit a good one with it when I hit it.  A tough day for me to swallow hitting only 2 FW’s all day…I have played so consistently well these past couple weeks, never shooting above +6 total in a month, but was +7 after only the first 8 holes on Monday!

My iron game was solid however, but back to the drawing board on my driver.  I need to get that on point consistently if I ever hope to reach scratch level.

Oak-North-Golf-Club-San-DiegoYesterday, Wednesday the 16th we played a quick round over at our local executive course Oaks North.  I really enjoy that course, it certainly tests your mid iron game.  Oaks is not one of those push over tiny exec courses, no par 3 is shorter than 134 at Oaks North.  My iron game continues to be solid, I started by sticking it to about 3 ft on #1 for a tap in birdie, but 3 putted the next two to go bogey, bogey.  Hit my tee shot under a tree on the par 4 5th and had no chance to reach the green, bogey 5.  Over drew the next tee shot into the water on the par 3 6th and made a bad double bogey 5.  So 4 over after the first 6 holes with a birdie on #1….was certainly frustrated again with my game and I could feel it affecting me negatively.  I forced myself to stay positive, forget about score and just try to execute each shot individually to the best of my ability.

I ended up shooting par over the remaining 12 holes, with 10 pars, 1 bogey and 1 birdie.  I Started to stand up a bit more at address with my putter and that seemed to help me with contact as I have been 3 putting a lot lately because of poor lag putting.  Lagged it pretty well, zero 3 putts and made some testy 2-3 footers for par on a few holes.

Overall a frustrating week so far, but that is golf!  I did hit a lot of good shots, so I’ll look to take the positives out of a bad scoring week and continue to work hard to improve my game.  Hopefully I can play one more time this week and I’ll update the stats later on this week.  Hope everyone has a Happy Easter on Sunday and shoot low if you play!

unnamedPlayed a round on Monday, April 7th at the Riverwalk golf club…shot a solid round of 75 (+3).  Unfortunately, the greens were in terrible shape, they had just punched half of the greens what looked like just the day before and the other half, where the flags were located, were still punched from about a week earlier and not very smooth.  It was frustrating having putts hop and bounce around all day and it certainly cost me a few strokes.

I hit the ball very well all day long, probably my best iron play day I’ve had in a while. Hit a couple great 6 iron shots that were all over the flag sticks and stuck about 5 wedges from inside 100 yards all within 8 ft.  The wedge part of my game is something I have been working on a lot to get my yardages down so that I can start sticking it close as that has been costing me key makeable birdie opportunities lately.  Well on this day, I was hitting it just like I had hoped too, but the conditions of the greens and my lack of putting skills cost me taking advantage of every opportunity.

I started off the 1st with a solid birdie after a close wedge shot and nice putt.  Hit a great 7 iron to the par 3 2nd, but it landed on the wrong tier of the green and stopped in a freshly aerated spot.  An unlucky break and the long putt just hopped everywhere and I 3 putted that for a bogey.  Next hole, a par 5, I stuck it close again with a wedge (6ft) from about 80 yards out, but I missed the birdie putt.  It was a straight in putt, but was not able to convert.  Missed an easy up and down on the next from about 5 ft off the green…almost chipped it in, but it ran a good 8 ft by and I missed the par putt.

Pared the next 4 holes and then on both #9 and #10, my tee shots left me under trees with no chance to reach the greens.  I had to punch them out in front of the greens.  On both I ended up with solid par putts of 10 ft, but missed both for bogeys.  Got one back with a birdie on #11 after a close wedge shot, but missed makeable birdie putts of 10 ft or less on #12 (signature hole pictured below) #15 and #16.  20140407_173220Bogeyed the par 5 18th after a terrible 3rd shot after having to lay up on my 2nd.  Only 108 yards in, in the fairway, but the ball was above my feet and I didn’t play the ball back enough in my stance and I hit it slightly fat and the ball came up short of the green…..bad chip and missed the par putt for a disappointing close to a real solid round.  I felt like I hit the ball well enough to shoot under par on this day, but my putting let me down.  A big part of it was the conditions of the greens, but my stroke and confidence in putting is also not the best right now.

Either way, I am very pleased with this round and I continued my solid play as of late.  My last 5 rounds have been scores of +2, +5, +6, +5, +3. My game is looking up and although I wasn’t able to play or practice the past couple days because I developed a little cold and my sisters birthdays, I’m ready to get back to it today and hopefully play sometime this weekend.

Stats for this round:

Riverwalk Presidio/Mission 6,550yards 71.9/126

Score: 75 (+3) Fw: 6/14 GIR: 11/18 Putts: 32 Up/Down: 3/6 Sand Saves: 0/1


fotolia_2005754_XS3Something I’m going to start doing now is each week I’ll be posting my total weekly stats so we can start to gauge my progress and see how I’m playing in terms of the numbers.  I’ll update at the end of each week and continue to keep a running tally of my total overall stats starting this week (Week 1).  My goal is to be able to get my numbers up to the PGA Tour averages for the three stats of Fairways hit (FW), Greens in regulation (GIR) and Up and down percentage (U/D%)


Carmel Mountain Ranch Par 72 Tees: Black 73.2/133 6599 Yards

Score: 78 (+6) FW: 4/14 GIR: 9/18 Putts: 33 Up/Down: 2/7 Sand Save: 1/2 Penalties: 1




060513204404The Vineyard Escondido Par 70 Tees: Blue 71.0/126 6531 Yards

Score: 75 (+5) FW: 6/14 GIR: 11/18 Putts: 31 Up/Down: 2/3 Sand Save: 1/2 Penalties: 2



Total Stats for Week of 3/31/14 to 4/6/14  (Red = Below PGA Tour Avg, Green = Above PGA Tour Avg)

Number of Rounds: 2

FW: 10/28 35.7GIR:  20/36 55.5Up/Down %: 4/10 40% Sand Saves: 2/4 50% Total Putts/18: 32

Overall Stats, Weeks: 1

FW: 10/28 35.7% GIR:  20/36 55.5% Up/Down: 4/10 40% Sand Saves: 2/4 50% Total Putts/18: 32

Current PGA Tour Averages – FW: 60.56% GIR: 65.62% Up/Down: 57.65%

On New Year Day, after posting my 2014 golfing goals, I headed out to Oaks North, my local executive course, to get my first official 2014 golf round in.  I hope that this round is a reflection of what’s to come in 2014 because I hit the ball amazing!  Hit officially a total of 14 GIR’s, but had two more that were just on the fringe where I was able to putt, so really closer to 16/18 GIRs.  Been working on standing a little further away from the ball at address, feels like a much more comfortable position and it is allowing my arms to really move through the hitting area more freely.  Ball is starting more down my intended starting line with a nice very tiny draw that was pin seeking all day.  The Achilles heel for my game right now is my short game, my putting in particular, it has been terrible.  Both my lag putting and short putts have been bad and as a result I have been 3 putting like crazy.  This round, despite almost hitting 16 greens in regulation, featured four 3-putts and only two birdies, resulting in a +4 total round.  Having more 3 putts than 1 putts in a round is just not going to be conducive to shooting low.  I think a good bit of what’s wrong with my putting could just be mental, but I’m playing on Saturday at a course where last time I played, I had 40+ putts, so let’s hope I can putt a little better than last time.


Carmel Highlands #5 Tee

061513152655On Saturday the 4th, I met a friend over at Carmel Highlands and played a round at the Par 72 course. Carmel Highlands is a tough tree lined course with really fast sloping greens, it is not in the best of shape right now, lots of dead patches, sandy lies and hardpan just off the fairways and greens.   Makes for a difficult track, but I continued to hit the ball well, however my short game really cost me again.  Shot a disappointing (+9) 81, had two more 3 putts and two double bogeys, both of them coming after I was in the middle of the fairway off the tee.  Hit 10 GIR’s, but was 0/8 on up and downs where I missed the green.   I know now for sure the area of my game where I’m losing the most strokes and I can improve my scores tremendously quickly if I can just tightening up my short game from about 100yards and in.  Having a really great and solid short game is the only way I’m ever going to get to scratch, I’m honestly hitting the ball well enough right now to shoot in the low to mid 70’s every time, so a lot more hours on the practice green is in my future.



Decided to schedule a putting lesson today with my instructor, we worked for an hour on different putting drills, designed for me to better feel what I’m doing and be able to self correct.  We worked on drills that helped with range of vision and really taking in your entire surroundings, not just the distance of  you to the hole.  This includes everything behind the hole, from the edge of the green to the houses or street in the distance.  When you start to just focus on the distance from you to the hole, you start to get tunnel vision, to play the best golf we must start to expand our vision.  Tunnel vision can also have the effect of making the distance between two spaces look considerably closer because you are focused on a fixed point.    One of the drills you can do to test this is to set up to a straight putt of say 15-30 ft distance (don’t pace it off before) and then stand up, turn your club so that the grip is pointing to the ground.  Now close your eyes and start walking toward the cup.  When you feel like you are close to where you believe the hole is, set the putter grip down.  This might tell you something interesting about the way you perceive the distance between putts.

My coach wants me to learn how to better feel and understand the strokes I’m making.  I would hit a putt and then based on if it started left, right or down my intended line, I would describe to him the feelings of that particular swing, in as great detail as possible.  This is a great way to learn how to self correct.  Eventually we did a variation of this drill where I would putt with my eyes closed and then tell him what I felt and whether I thought the putt started left, right or down my target line.  My coach doesn’t want to start messing with my grip and set up for right now, maybe later down the line we might tweak a few things, but he believes that putting is more about feeling than mechanics.

We also talked about the idea of not lining up the lines on my ball toward my intended line.  I’m sure you guys have seen some pros do this, most famously Tiger Woods has done it before, where he lines up a line on his ball where we wants his putt to start.  I always do this when I’m playing a round, but ironically as we were chatting about this, I realized that when I practice on a putting green, I don’t.  So I’m going to work on playing with no line up and focus on just seeing my putts rather than get locked in to a particular line and narrowing my focus.


Went over to Oaks North again, a local executive course with three different 9 hole courses.  Last time we played the North/East combination, but this time we played the South/East (Par 60).  Each 9 contains 6 par 3’s and 3 par 4s.  It is a great test for your irons and short game and I played very well, shooting an even par round of 60!  I’m not going to do a round recap, but I will give you a few high and low lights.   Chipped in twice, once for eagle and once for birdie!  I hit 10 of the 18 greens, but missed about 4 that were on the fringe, really close.  I managed to only 3 putt once utilizing my new putting method and that was on the 3rd hole where I only had about a 12 ft putt for birdie.  A bad 3 putt, but it was early in my round and I was trying to get used to not lining up my putts with the arrows on the ball and forgot to think about speed on the downhill putt.  So a mistake that was quickly canceled out when I made eagle on the next hole, but other than that I lag putted fairly well.  Still did not make as many putts as I would have liked from 12 ft and in, missed a few par and birdie chances from inside 10 ft, but I was more aware of why I missed them.  My chipping game is continuing to be a strength of mine and I’m just so eager to keep playing and see what I can do.

Ended up heading down to the driving range later on in the night, hit the ball well, worked a lot of my wedges trying to better understand the exact distances of each wedge.  Hit my driver and woods at the end, found myself getting a little bit too quick and as a result I was hitting them off the toe or shifting extremely forward.  Realized that it could be my tempo and once I fixed that, I was back to hitting my driver in the middle of the club face and sending it deep down range toward my intended target.  I need to remember to keep my tempo, I tend to get quick a lot and it causes me to be an inconsistent ball striker.  Hopefully going to be playing a round this weekend on either Saturday or Sunday if it does not rain.  But if not, I’ll still be playing on Monday again at Vineyard and Wednesday for sure somewhere.

Shot my lowest round ever a (+1) 71 at the Par 70 Vineyard Course today!  A dramatic change and a full 10 shots better than my previous round here of 81, I guess keeping the ball in bounces actually helps.  I’m so happy right now; my hard work over these past 7 weeks is really starting to pay off, especially with my driver.  This round could have been the under par one I have been dreaming of…in fact I think you can say it SHOULD have been, you’ll have to read on to find out why it fell just short. Enjoy!

The Vineyard Golf Course 6,531 Yards Par 70


Front 9

Hole 1: 420 Par 4

Hit a solid drive down the left side, the wind was hard into our face so it didn’t travel very far, but I was still left with only 140 into the green from the left side rough.  Got unlucky in that my ball was just in a dirt patch.  Tried to just trap it, but it came off as a big draw, bounced right and missed the green.  Was short sided and had to hit a high flop, hit a great shot actually to only 7ft, but my putting continues to let me down, missed the par putt. Bogey

Round (+1)  

Hole 2: 351 Par 4

Short dogleg left with water surrounding the left side and green.  Hit a 4iron today and stripped it perfectly down the middle.  Only had 114 to the flag, but into the wind….this is a very thin green and going long is dead and short is water, so I tried to muscle a SW and hope to keep it below the hole.  It landed on center of the green, but had a lot of spin and ended just on the front edge.  A 25 ft putt uphill that I left about 3ft short, but made the par putt. Par

Round (+1)

Hole 3: 125 Par3

The pin was in its usual Monday pin location on the very front left really tough.  The tees were back today and it only played a total of about 103, these past weeks it was only playing 65-75 with the same pin location.  This is a more comfortable distance with my lob wedge, hit a full one and stuck it to about 4 ft!  Rolled it in for a nice birdie on a hole that always seems to have my number, but not today! Birdie

Round (E)

The Tricky Par 3 3rd Hole at Vineyard

hole 3 at Vineyard

Hole 4: 404 Par 4

This hole should show you how confidently I’m hitting my driver right now, I NEVER take a driver on this hole as it brings in the lake on the left side into play if I push it.  Been pushing my 3 wood over there the past couple weeks and it comes up just short of the water, but today I decided in my mind I’m hitting driver.  Just focused on the right side, believed in myself and hit a great drive that finished on the left side, but barely in the rough, a great tee shot.  Only left me with 80 yards to center of green, I hit a punch lob wedge that ended about 12 ft left of hole.  Hit a solid putt, but just missed. Par

Round (E)

Hole 5: 401 Par 4

Used the driver again today into the wind and hit another great one, only 98 left from the left side of fairway.  Pin was in the back of this 3 tiered green and I hit a really bad wedge, left it out left and it missed the green.  Hit a bump and run with my PW and left myself an 8ft uphill, slight right to left breaking putt for par….drained it! Par

Round (E)

Hole 6: 152 Par 3

Hit the 9 iron over last round, so I took out the PW today.  Pictured hitting a high draw that started at center and finished around this right side pin location, but I overcooked it too much….got lucky here as it hit the cart path, but stayed inbounds.  I had a horrible lie however, in a small swell just off the green and ball was laying in dirt.  I took my lob wedge, put the toe down and just tried to clip the ball with the toe of the club to get it up over the hill with some spin.  Came off exactly how I imagined and was left with a tap in par from a ft. Par

Round (E)

Hole 7: 295 Par 4

A sharp dog leg right hole, but gives you an angle to drive the green in 1.  Usually about 250-260 to carry the hazard and drive the green.  Hit a perfect draw with my 5wood today and when we got up to the green it was only about 16 ft away for eagle!  Missed the eagle, but I’ll take a tap in birdie every day. Birdie

Round (-1)

Hole 8: 419 Par 4

There is a bunker that protrudes out from the left side of the fairway, I hit what I thought was a perfect drive, but it ended up hitting the very top of this bunker and rolling down the lip….literally 3 inches farther and it’s in the middle of the fairway, bad break.  Hit a good shot out from the lip of bunker with my gap wedge, but it spun off the right side of green.  It was a few feet in the fringe so I decided just to putt it.  Left it a good 7 ft short and missed the par putt.  Technically since I was in the fringe it doesn’t count as a 3 putt, but it definitely was in my book, should have been an easy 2 putt par….bad, bad, bad. Bogey

Round (E)

Hole 9: 503 Par 5

Very reachable par 5,  hit my 3 wood today down the 8th fairway on the left.  It actually worked out perfect because I hit it far enough that I took out a set of trees that would have been in my line.  Had a straight shot at the green, only 190 out.  Wind was helping and pin was in front so I hit a 7 iron that came up just short of the green.  Pin was only about 5 paces on from the front today, so I had a delicate little chip….I tried to get too fancy and hit an amazing flop shot to stop it instead of just getting it on so I had a birdie putt (pretty flat around the hole).  Had to land it just in the front and I left it short, chipped the next one on and made par, but gave up a prime opportunity for a solid birdie try.  Par

Round (E)


A great score of 35 (E) on this Par 35 Front 9.  Drove the ball well and had 2 birdies which made me really happy, but did have a couple short putts missed and a 3 putt.  Fairways Hit (FW): 3/7 43% Greens in Regulation (GIR): 4/9 44% Up/Downs: 3/5 60% Sand Saves: 0/0 0% Penalties: 0 Putts: 14

Back 9

Hole 10: 389 Par 4

Chose to hit my driver again instead of my normal 3wood, hit a great tee shot that went down the left side of the fairway, but just finished just in the rough.  Hit a 3 quarter lob wedge up the hill from about 80 yards out, pin high about 12ft left.  Hit a great putt, but it was a big left to right breaker that looked in, but died just in front of the cup.  Par

Round (E)

Hole 11: 457 Par 4

A very tight driving hole, hit my worst drive of the day here today, way left in a group of trees.  It worked out alright as I actually had a decent lie and it went far enough through the trees that I was left with nothing in front of me.  I did have to hit a cut, which I executed fairly nicely and landed a 9iron on the front right portion of green….pin was in back left.  Tried not to leave my long 45ft putt short and hit it a good 6ft by and missed the comebacker for another 3 putt today, killing me! Bogey

Round (+1)

Hole 12: 154 Par 3

Another par 3 over water.  We got rushed here as the old person group in front of us, one of which was walking was nice enough to have us play up as they were on the green.  I rushed it and pushed my 9iron left and missed the green.  Quickly I hit my PW pitch a little too far past the hole and just putted quickly for a 2 putt bogey.  I should have calmed myself down and took my time, but we wanted to pass them quickly as there was nobody for miles ahead of them. Bogey

Round (+2)

Hole 13: 477 Par 4

Downhill long par 4….absolutely crushed my driver here today down the middle.  This is a downhill hole and the ball ended in middle of fairway only 103 to center….374 yard drive!  Finally hit a great wedge just passed the hole about 8 ft.  A quick downhill putt, but it looked pretty straight, I played it in the center and rolled it in for birdie….feels nice to get a shot back here this green is very tough. Birdie

Round (+1)

Hole 14: 412 Par 4

Water on the left and out of bounds on the right; took a 5iron today because last week I hit a 4iron too well and it ran through into the water.  Worked out perfectly today as I hit it down the middle only 150 out.  Pin was tucked in the back right where you can’t see the putting surface.  Tried to muscle a PW up there as it was with the wind, but I blocked it out left and it finished on the front left side of green.  A long putt of about 50ft and I didn’t trust my original line.  Left it out left about 7ft left of hole where I missed again for another disastrous 3putt, got to fix this! Bogey

(Round +2)

Hole 15: 551 Par 5

Hit a great drive down the left side that finished just a few feet in the rough.  Was 250 out today into the wind, so I tried to crush a 5wood up to the front of green.  Drew it in nicely and was left with only about 30yards to green.  Hit a pitch that looked like it was in the hole for eagle, but it just missed for a tap in birdie. Birdie

(Round +1)

Hole 16: 453 Par 4

The #1 handicapped hole on the scorecard.  Tight driving hole, but I decided to take my driver out today.  I blocked it left…..looked like it was going out, but got a great bounce off the hill and came to rest almost in the fairway….a good break.  Took a PW and landed it about a foot from the flag, but it rolled to just 3ft!  Unfortunately the putt was in that Bermuda triangle zone, one where you don’t want to mark it, you’d rather just walk up and hit it in without thinking, but it’s just a little too far to that.  I marked it and even though it was a pretty straight putt, I freaking pulled it and missed, come on!! Killer, could have stolen a birdie from the hardest hole on the course and gotten back to even with only 2 holes to go.  My under par round of golf was a real possibility if could have made that!  Par.

Round (+1)

Hole 17: 157 Par 3

Hit a solid 7iron on the back left of the green.  Had about a 25ft putt that I lagged up well and tapped in for par. Par

Round (+1)

Hole 18: 411 Par 4

Very scenic 18th hole heading back down the hill to the clubhouse.  Confidently stood up there and crushed a driver down the middle, finished just 75 yards to center, 336 yard drive.  Ball was on a downhill slope in the fairway and the pin was located just 6 paces on from the front, only about 66 yards away.  Clipped it perfectly and it landed just on the front, but for some reason didn’t have the spin I thought it would and it finished about 12ft above the hole.  A quick downhill right to left breaking putt for an even round of 70….knocked it up to about a foot and tapped in for my lowest round of my life, +1 71! Par

(Round +1)


Two 3 putts and a 3 ft birdie missed on 16 killed me as this should have been an under par back 9.  2 solid birdies though and I end it was a solid 36 (+1) Par 35 Back 9.  Hit 8 out of 9 greens on this 9, just could not putt. Fairways Hit (FW) 3/7 43% Green in Regulation (GIR) 8/9 88% Up/Downs 1/2 50% Sand Saves 0/0 0% Penalties: 0 Putts: 18

Final Score: 71 (+1) Fairways Hit (FW) 6/14 43% Green in Regulation (GIR) 12/18 66% Up/Downs 4/7 57%. Sand Saves 0/0 0% Penalties: 0 Putts: 32

Wow, this round could have been that under par round that I have been chasing, but basically three 3 putts and a birdie missed from 3 ft cost me, but I’m not going to dwell on that, I’m going to enjoy my lowest round ever.  I hope that I can continue shooting in the low 70’s and that this round is just the first of many to come in upcoming months.  This round was my first negative CDF handicap rating as this course plays from the backs at a 74.1 rating.  As a result, this round lowered my CDF Handicap down to a 2.8, lowest of my life. If you are not familiar with what a CDF Handicap is, look over on the left side of my blog and that will give you the definition.  I will continue to work hard and keep improving, my under par round of golf is hopefully close, I can really taste it now…..keep working hard, I believe!



I hit up the range after work and continued my solid play from this past week.  I know I’m swinging well when my swing thoughts are minimal, my body is relaxed and I’m just free flowing.  I remember last week, my range sessions were terrible, I was gripping the club in a death grip, thinking about where my arms should be in the back swing, the path of the club down, my hips, turning through….a dozen different swing thoughts clouding my mind.  As a result, I hit the ball like I was a 30 handicap, became more and more frustrated and less and less confident.  I know they say that playing well breeds confidence, but it is just as true that having confidence allows for playing well.  Hit my driver amazing on Friday night, focused mostly on my wedges, but I left about 15 balls for my driver at the end and hit 13 out of 15 down my target line.  Feeling confident in that club again, let’s hope I can keep that going this next week on the course.


Went putting for about 2 hours before work trying to work on my lag putting which has been killing me lately.  Still seems like my tendency is to leave the longer putts short, I feel like I’m killing the ball, but it still comes up woefully short.  I’m going to go see my coach next week for a putting lesson, really need one badly.  I experimented with widen my feet near the end of my putting session and it seems to give me a more stable base and allowed for the club to swing more freely, we’ll see if it helps me putt better on the course Monday.


Going to be playing another round on Monday, late afternoon after work at the Vineyard….will be my 5th round since starting the blog at the Par 70 Vineyard course and I’m looking to break my upward trend of scores.  Started off with a 74 here, but since have gone 76, 80, 81 consecutively since.  I’m finally feeling real confident in my driver, so I will really be disappointed with anything in the 80s on Monday.

Went to the range again tonight after work, hit the ball very well again.  Was hitting almost every club in the bag well, except the few 3 woods I hit.  My driver is coming around nicely, I am crushing the ball down my target line right now, I’m really starting to figure that out, excited to bring it to my round tomorrow.  On the last 4th of my range bucket tonight, I used the balls to visually play the first 6 or 7 holes of the course I’m playing tomorrow.  I went through my whole routine as if I was on the 1st hole and then based on my tee shot, I judged how far out I would be with my 2nd and played the type of shot needed (straight, draw, cut).  I did this for the remaining balls I had and made it through about the 7th hole.  I have a solid plan for how I’m going to play the first couple holes tomorrow and preparing like this can really help you gain a lot of confidence going into a round.  I’m expecting a mid to low 70s round tomorrow……now let’s make it happen!