think-big-start-small-byob-post1-300x200We all have a big dream…a major goal or idea that we would like to accomplish in our lives. Maybe it is starting your own business, getting out of debt, writing a novel or running a marathon.

I believe strongly in the idea of pursuing your dreams in life, but that road to accomplishing big dreams is a long one and it’s not smoothly paved.

It’s important to have a bigger picture in the back of your mind when progressing toward a big goal, but if you focus solely on that bigger picture, there is an inevitable point where frustration will arise and your mind will tell you it’s too hard, not worth it and to give up.  This is where the importance of consistency and focusing on smaller tasks is essential.  If you put the energy into the smaller things, you will reap the big rewards. 

Take the example of working out, you’ve probably seen those 30 or 60 day workout challenges online before…notice how they start off small?  It is broken down into daily goals that help you build up your strength gradually. 

If your big goal is to be strong enough to be able to do 300 push ups in a day, you don’t accomplish it by doing 300 push ups every single day.  You start small; Day 1 with 20, Day 2 with 30, on and on until finally one day you’re strong enough to do those 300 push ups.

If you just did as many push ups as you could each day and then judged yourself based on how close you were to doing 300, how motivated would you be to keep working hard if after the first couple weeks all you could do was 30 or 40 push ups a day? You’d probably become frustrated realizing just how long it would take until you could do 300 a day. By focusing only on your big goal, you’re more prone to give up.

When you think smaller you’re able to put all your energy and focus on the small specific tasks that you have to do that day alone.  Mentally it’s not too demanding to do just a few more push ups than you did the previous day and before you know it, you’re strong enough to do those 300 push ups in a day and you’ve accomplished that bigger goal you set for yourself.

I know when I was working extremely hard to accomplish my big dream of shooting my first under par regulation golf round, I would often get frustrated with just how far away that goal seemed at times.

That day I finally broke through and accomplished my big goal, it came as a result of me breaking down my round into the smallest parts possible.  I knew that if I took care of the small things on each hole (Fairways and Greens), the bigger picture (Score) would take care of itself.  So when I stepped up on the tee of a par 4, I was focused only on trying to hit the fairway, nothing else…my score up to that point or any score I needed in the future to shoot under par was furthest from my mind.

So when you start off on your journey to accomplishing your biggest goals, have a plan and break them down into monthly, weekly or daily goals.  Focus your energy on those smaller tasks, stay dedicated and stay consistent.  Set a streak for yourself and see how long you can go completing your smaller goals.  You’ll find more motivation and the possibility for ultimate reaching your biggest goals will increase!   

  1. Human Interest says:

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  2. Great photo. Love it! Good advice too😄

    • gymrat21 says:

      Awesome post! I love how you brought into it breaking down your big goal into smaller ones! Thats a huge part of what I do on a day to day basis in the gym. Getting one more rep with a certain amount of weight, having one more set, or running for one more minute can make all the difference in the long run. I don’t know about you but I don’t EVER want to look back on my life and think about the times where I could have done more!

      • Thanks gymrat, yea take a look back at my first post and you’ll see that I agree 100% with the idea of putting your whole effort at your goals and dreams so you don’t have to ask yourself “what if”

  3. Sweet Life of Sumi Singh says:

    Great post, I love it. I remember when I started out running and wanted to just run a 5km, I would frustrate myself so much when I couldn’t run the full distance at one go! But once I starting becoming consistent with my running and just running a bit further each time, I was able to run that 5km. It was an awesome moment in my life. Today I train for half marathons and soon will start training for a full marathon. Consistency is the key to long term goals for sure. Thank you for reminding me about this. I love your inspirational writing even though I know nothing about golf I can relate to your way of thinking. Bless you:)

  4. Sweet Life of Sumi Singh says:

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    I love this post from a Blogger I follow called Matt who is on his journey of becoming a scratch Golfer. Even though I know nothing about golf, I’m instinctively drawn to those who instil positive thinking in their lives and believe in the power of their dreams no matter how small or big they are. Matt happens to be one of those inspiring people … have a read and enjoy …

  5. rachaelxoxo says:

    This is GREAT advice and something that I’m already doing on my weight loss journey! Instead of focusing on the big, end-all-be-all number I need to lose, I have smaller goals that I devote my energy to on the day-to-day. Eventually a “healthy” weight will show up on the scale, but right now I’m more focused on the little victories than that big prize at the end.

    I think this is such a good way to go about achieving goals! 🙂

  6. That was a good read.. Thanks!!

  7. thegirldish says:

    Great post!! I needed to hear this today!! Thank you!!

  8. Great advice for achieving all kinds of business and fitness goals 🙂

  9. Matt, great post. I love your point about setting BIG goals, but then focusing on the little steps that will ultimately get you to your BIG goal. Great advice for all of us.

  10. Awesome post! Love what you write “… I knew that if I took care of the small things on each hole (Fairways and Greens), the bigger picture (Score) would take care of itself…” This is the essence of performance. Not sure if you have seen Matthew Syed speak or read his book Bounce he gives a great analogy (using golf as the metaphor) of goal setting and performance

    Great blog, appreciate you following mine

  11. Wow! What a great post – would you mind if I reblogged this? – it’s fantastic! It is SO important to break bigger goals into smaller manageable steps and people forget this along the way! I’m currently training for a half ironman (maybe one day a full) so the smaller goals along the way definitely keep me focused and on track!

  12. etenwa says:

    Thanks for this. Very encouraging

  13. Patrick says:

    Fantastic piece! Your advice is spot on too. Small daily deposits into your performance account allows you to reach those big goals.

  14. M E Cheshier says:

    Love your attitude and inspiration. Wise words Matt!

  15. M E Cheshier says:

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    Inspirational read!

  16. Thank you for following my blog, most appreciated. And on a plus side, I also play Golf as hopefully one day, a professional sport. Thank you for your support. God Bless and good luck with your Golf as well.

  17. bonnev659 says:

    great article and I will be using a few notes from here for my training in other events! thank you and keep up the great work

  18. Jazz says:

    Wow- what a pleasure to read !

  19. rikaye says:

    I really like both your posts and your site layout. Yes, dreams are what life is all about. Without them we would never accomplish much other than the mundane drudgery of mere existence.

  20. You have a great blog! How cool to work towards your dream and share the journey with us. Thanks!

  21. mohd ilham says:

    hey man thanks for looking at my blog. you’re definitely established blogger compared to me! Funny, your example of push-up reminded me that I have yet to do my 100-a-day push up KPI. Time to get it done.

  22. Tanveer Rauf says:

    skillfully scripted and guided

  23. I like the way you have approached the underlying theme of this post. I agree with everything that has been mentioned in it. I would also like to say that Goal is a dynamic thing, once you achieve something successfully, then that is the tricky moment where one has to cherish the moment of success and move ahead to the next objective. One must not over-live the moment of success. This skill differentiates ordinary and extraordinary This is how life goes, this approach makes us feel alive.

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    Never in my wildest dreams did I ever think that I would have a blog, let alone one that I actually kept track of and was passionate about. That said, it is making my dreams come true and my journey a hundred times more exciting and colourful. Since starting to write this I have noticed how much more positive I have become in my outlook on life and how I’m trying more and more to share that energy with others. It’s making my personal life better, it’s making my job better; win, win!
    On my journey so far I have encountered some people (virtually and in real life) who have changed me or shaped me, changed my direction or inspired me and I just wanted to throw a huge thanks to them all (and all y’all for reading). I came across the post I’m reblogging about a week or two ago from this fantastic gentleman who wrote about dreams. The post really struck a chord with me and I asked if he would mind if I shared it on; his passion is clear in his writing and I definitely feel like it spoke to me. It really helped me maintain my focus and get my mojo back for this HIM prep!
    I highly recommend that you check out the post – let me know what you think; what is your dream? How are you going to go about achieving it? (Please let the wonderful author know that you checked out his post too!)

    Moving on to today; I’d been making more of an effort to tweet about my workouts etc and this other fab blogger got in touch! A “new to triathlon” blogger who, get this, has signed up for a 140.6 FULL distance Ironman this year! How AWESOME is that!!?! (I don’t mean any disrespect with my quotation marks – I feel like that piece of information needed to be included in there!).
    Anyway, another person who has totally inspired me and made me think WOW! I would never have come across these people (just 2 examples) if I hadn’t started on this journey or begun writing this blog.

    What is my main point here? Get out of your comfort zone, do something you thought you could never do. Sign up for that be all and end all race that you just didn’t think would be possible. Start writing that blog, or running that business – whatever it is that makes you tick! And then… enjoy the journey, look out for the gems along the way and the treasures of meeting these people who will enhance your adventure and give you gifts of insight, advice, experience or maybe just a funny anecdote. Whatever it is, it contributes and makes it better for you! Just remember to enjoy it!

  25. sarahspaniak says:

    I love this. It is a reminder that you cant take short cuts to achieve your goal, but you can make small goals within the large one so that you are not so overwhelmed with the long haul. Really great advice 🙂

  26. madeauxb says:

    Thank you! I found reading this very helpful. I am trying to build a network marketing business and it’s so important to remember what you write in order to keep positive. Thanks again

  27. Kurt Struble says:

    where have you been? ks

  28. Royyce Jeddi O'Zionn says:

    This is such a great advice, and motivation
    for my morning. This is a post I can always
    come back to! 🙂

  29. This is great advice that will benefit many people. Thank you for sharing.

  30. I’ll keep this I mind. 🙂

  31. Very encouraging, great photo, excellent advice! Thanks for sharing 😊

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