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fotolia_2005754_XS3060513204404The Vineyard Escondido Par 70 71.0/126 6,531 Yards

Score: 75 (+5) FW: 7/14 GIR: 11/18 Putts: 32 Up/Down: 4/7 Sand Save: 0/0 Penalties: 2



20130808_204719Carmel Mountain Ranch Par 73 Tees: Black 73.2/133 6599 Yards

Score: 78 (+5) FW: 9/14 GIR: 11/18 Putts: 36 Up/Down: 2/6 Sand Save: 0/1 Penalties: 1



Total Stats for Week of 5/5/14-5/13/14: (Red = Below PGA Tour Avg, Green = Above PGA Tour Avg)

Rounds: 2 (Regulation: 2)

FW: 16/28 57% GIR: 22/36: 61% Up/Down%: 6/13 46% Sand Saves: 0/1 0% Total Putts/18: 34

Overall Stats, Weeks: 6

Total Rounds: 11 (Regulation: 9/Executive: 2)

FW: 64/139: 46% GIR: 112/198: 56.5% Up/Down%: 29/68 42.6% Sand Saves: 2/9 22% Total Putts/18: 32.45

Current PGA Tour Averages – FW: 61.11% GIR: 65.10% Up/Down: 57.61%


It has almost been a month since I have updated this blog, I apologize for lack of content, but I haven’t been able to actually play many golf rounds in these past few weeks.  I have been going to the range a few times a week, but that is about all I have been doing, no real short game practice.  I have however, in the past week, had a serious breakthrough with my full swing.  I have talked about in previous posts that my miss in my golf swing tends to be that I become too “stuck” from the inside.  Getting stuck on the downswing produces inconsistent contact, mostly off the toe or thin and produces a block or pull ball flight.  I have known that this is my problem for a few months now and I have been working intently to correct it, but was not able to find a consistent fix.  I would analyze pro golfer swings on TV and the internet and then cross reference it with my own swing in the mirror and video.  I looked up numerous videos on how to fix getting too steep on the downswing, but nothing seemed to work.  It became a constant game of trial and error at the driving range…continually trying one fix and if it did not work, finding a new one in a few days and repeat.  Some would work for a few days or a week, hell I even won a large field tournament doing this a few months ago, but I knew that I was not comfortable with my swing.  I knew my mechanics were not sound and that I was relying solely on timing alone and that was not going to help me produce the consistent results I wanted.   If my timing was on for that day, I could hit the ball great, but ultimately my bad mechanics would catch up with me, cause inconsistent contact and then before you know it frustration sets in and I lose my swing all over again and feel lost.

Then a few weeks ago I stumbled upon a new video that was recently posted on YouTube called “how to stop getting stuck” I watched it and it all just clicked for me.   I have known the positions I was supposed to get into for months now, but just could not find a way to get the feeling.  This video broke down the downswing in the simplest way possible, basically just talking about feeling as though your back elbow stays in front of your shirt seam on the downswing.  It made a lot of sense to me and I noticed when going back and looking at pro golfers swings they all were doing the same.  I worked on the feeling in the mirror for a bit and then went to test it at the range…..haven’t hit the ball better in my whole life!  I even had groups of people at the range come up and stand behind me to watch.  Not only was my contact more consistent, but more importantly the quality of strikes was drastically better.  My accuracy improved tremendously and my swing felt free flowing and repeatable.  My new swing has held up so far over these past 2 weeks, some of my best range sessions ever and finally got to take my swing to the course yesterday where I shot a 76, hitting 7/14 FW’s (missed 3 by just a yard) and hit 11/18 greens.  My ball striking was great and my confidence is now riding at an all time high.  I should have shot better than 76, but my short game was terrible…haven’t been putting in the time needed on that front recently so that is expected to be a little rusty.  The great thing is that I do not have to worry about getting my elbow in front of my shirt seam or anything mechanical while I’m swinging; it is starting to get ingrained in my swing now from practice, almost second nature already.  It’s a great feeling when you can just go out and truly trust your swing when playing, not having to think about mechanics at all.  I have never really had that feeling of true trust on the course until yesterday and it felt great.

I’m still a long ways out from being scratch and in no way am I saying that I have solved the golf swing, but for me, I feel like I have made a major breakthrough and discovered a key to MY golf swing that I can go back to if needed to get consistent results.  I’m excited to keep fine tuning my swing over the next few months with my teacher, who I plan to see again in the next few weeks, as it’s been a good couple months.  Ultimately, I know that my short game is going to be the key to get me down to scratch and I intend to rededicate myself to more hours of practice on that front.  I’m still hopeful that I can reach my goal of shooting an under par round of golf by the end of this year and I know improving my short game is the only way I’m going to get there.  Also I’ll be updated this blog on a more consistent basis, no more 1 month breaks I promise!

EDIT: 11/11/13 I have been getting multiple requests to post the video where I saw the tip that helped me, so I will post it here, but please note like I said in the previous post and the reason why I really avoided posting it originally is that it helped me in finding a key feeling to MY swing that I had been searching for and it probably won’t apply to everyone.  Obviously there is no one golf swing fix, every swing is different and as others are at different stages of developing there own swings you need to see a PGA Professional to help diagnose the keys to your swing that you are missing.  These videos were free clips posted on a YouTube channel that I stumbled upon from the instructor Clay Ballard over at, so if you find it useful go check out his YouTube channel or website.


Did not end up playing a golf round between Wednesday and tomorrow, but I did get in some practice.  Went to a little 18 holes putting course at a local driving range with my buddy Kyle on Friday.  The course was in horrible condition, the new ownership there has really let it get bad.  I remember playing the course a year and a half ago and it was in great condition, but we still had a really fun time and my buddy took some pictures of me to share on the blog.  Ended up being able to get to the range on Friday night as well after work, hit my driver very well, but was struggling a bit to feel comfortable with my irons.  I really don’t know what it was that I was doing differently that night compared to these past few weeks when I have played really well.  Did feel like my tempo was getting a little quick on the range, compared to how I have been swinging it, but I still hit the ball around my target line.  Nothing was too crazy, a little more of a draw than I have been playing and yeah that could have been the result of getting a little too quick.  I still feel very confident in the way I’m playing and look forward to my golf rounds this week, hoping to continue my solid play as of late.



Playing at the Vineyard again on Monday where last week I shot my career low round of (+1) 71.  I’m trying to go in with no expectations, just the goal of focusing on every shot and playing them all with complete confidence, accepting of whatever happens.  My focus is to keep my emotions neutral and not to get down on myself if I hit a bad shot, just to accept any and all outcomes before I hit a shot and swing with true confidence.  I’m hoping for that under par round of golf tomorrow, I believe that I can do it, but realistically I will be truly satisfied with anything +5 or less.   After shooting a career low, especially one that is so close to par, it can be very easy for me to fall into the trap of expecting to shoot +1 or better every time from here on out.  I know my personality lends itself to this type of thinking, once I see how well I’m capable of playing, I start to expect to play like that all the time and I get frustrated if I drop back a little bit.  I think in a way it is healthy because it allows me to truly believe in my ability, I mean if I did not believe in my abilities and that I was capable of shooting an under par round of golf, no way I could have shot +1 only a week after shooting 81 (+11) on the same course.  I won’t let myself get trapped into that cycle of frustration, if I keep working hard and believing in myself, the low scores will continue to come and start to pile up and before I know it, those will be my reality.

Shot my lowest round ever a (+1) 71 at the Par 70 Vineyard Course today!  A dramatic change and a full 10 shots better than my previous round here of 81, I guess keeping the ball in bounces actually helps.  I’m so happy right now; my hard work over these past 7 weeks is really starting to pay off, especially with my driver.  This round could have been the under par one I have been dreaming of…in fact I think you can say it SHOULD have been, you’ll have to read on to find out why it fell just short. Enjoy!

The Vineyard Golf Course 6,531 Yards Par 70


Front 9

Hole 1: 420 Par 4

Hit a solid drive down the left side, the wind was hard into our face so it didn’t travel very far, but I was still left with only 140 into the green from the left side rough.  Got unlucky in that my ball was just in a dirt patch.  Tried to just trap it, but it came off as a big draw, bounced right and missed the green.  Was short sided and had to hit a high flop, hit a great shot actually to only 7ft, but my putting continues to let me down, missed the par putt. Bogey

Round (+1)  

Hole 2: 351 Par 4

Short dogleg left with water surrounding the left side and green.  Hit a 4iron today and stripped it perfectly down the middle.  Only had 114 to the flag, but into the wind….this is a very thin green and going long is dead and short is water, so I tried to muscle a SW and hope to keep it below the hole.  It landed on center of the green, but had a lot of spin and ended just on the front edge.  A 25 ft putt uphill that I left about 3ft short, but made the par putt. Par

Round (+1)

Hole 3: 125 Par3

The pin was in its usual Monday pin location on the very front left really tough.  The tees were back today and it only played a total of about 103, these past weeks it was only playing 65-75 with the same pin location.  This is a more comfortable distance with my lob wedge, hit a full one and stuck it to about 4 ft!  Rolled it in for a nice birdie on a hole that always seems to have my number, but not today! Birdie

Round (E)

The Tricky Par 3 3rd Hole at Vineyard

hole 3 at Vineyard

Hole 4: 404 Par 4

This hole should show you how confidently I’m hitting my driver right now, I NEVER take a driver on this hole as it brings in the lake on the left side into play if I push it.  Been pushing my 3 wood over there the past couple weeks and it comes up just short of the water, but today I decided in my mind I’m hitting driver.  Just focused on the right side, believed in myself and hit a great drive that finished on the left side, but barely in the rough, a great tee shot.  Only left me with 80 yards to center of green, I hit a punch lob wedge that ended about 12 ft left of hole.  Hit a solid putt, but just missed. Par

Round (E)

Hole 5: 401 Par 4

Used the driver again today into the wind and hit another great one, only 98 left from the left side of fairway.  Pin was in the back of this 3 tiered green and I hit a really bad wedge, left it out left and it missed the green.  Hit a bump and run with my PW and left myself an 8ft uphill, slight right to left breaking putt for par….drained it! Par

Round (E)

Hole 6: 152 Par 3

Hit the 9 iron over last round, so I took out the PW today.  Pictured hitting a high draw that started at center and finished around this right side pin location, but I overcooked it too much….got lucky here as it hit the cart path, but stayed inbounds.  I had a horrible lie however, in a small swell just off the green and ball was laying in dirt.  I took my lob wedge, put the toe down and just tried to clip the ball with the toe of the club to get it up over the hill with some spin.  Came off exactly how I imagined and was left with a tap in par from a ft. Par

Round (E)

Hole 7: 295 Par 4

A sharp dog leg right hole, but gives you an angle to drive the green in 1.  Usually about 250-260 to carry the hazard and drive the green.  Hit a perfect draw with my 5wood today and when we got up to the green it was only about 16 ft away for eagle!  Missed the eagle, but I’ll take a tap in birdie every day. Birdie

Round (-1)

Hole 8: 419 Par 4

There is a bunker that protrudes out from the left side of the fairway, I hit what I thought was a perfect drive, but it ended up hitting the very top of this bunker and rolling down the lip….literally 3 inches farther and it’s in the middle of the fairway, bad break.  Hit a good shot out from the lip of bunker with my gap wedge, but it spun off the right side of green.  It was a few feet in the fringe so I decided just to putt it.  Left it a good 7 ft short and missed the par putt.  Technically since I was in the fringe it doesn’t count as a 3 putt, but it definitely was in my book, should have been an easy 2 putt par….bad, bad, bad. Bogey

Round (E)

Hole 9: 503 Par 5

Very reachable par 5,  hit my 3 wood today down the 8th fairway on the left.  It actually worked out perfect because I hit it far enough that I took out a set of trees that would have been in my line.  Had a straight shot at the green, only 190 out.  Wind was helping and pin was in front so I hit a 7 iron that came up just short of the green.  Pin was only about 5 paces on from the front today, so I had a delicate little chip….I tried to get too fancy and hit an amazing flop shot to stop it instead of just getting it on so I had a birdie putt (pretty flat around the hole).  Had to land it just in the front and I left it short, chipped the next one on and made par, but gave up a prime opportunity for a solid birdie try.  Par

Round (E)


A great score of 35 (E) on this Par 35 Front 9.  Drove the ball well and had 2 birdies which made me really happy, but did have a couple short putts missed and a 3 putt.  Fairways Hit (FW): 3/7 43% Greens in Regulation (GIR): 4/9 44% Up/Downs: 3/5 60% Sand Saves: 0/0 0% Penalties: 0 Putts: 14

Back 9

Hole 10: 389 Par 4

Chose to hit my driver again instead of my normal 3wood, hit a great tee shot that went down the left side of the fairway, but just finished just in the rough.  Hit a 3 quarter lob wedge up the hill from about 80 yards out, pin high about 12ft left.  Hit a great putt, but it was a big left to right breaker that looked in, but died just in front of the cup.  Par

Round (E)

Hole 11: 457 Par 4

A very tight driving hole, hit my worst drive of the day here today, way left in a group of trees.  It worked out alright as I actually had a decent lie and it went far enough through the trees that I was left with nothing in front of me.  I did have to hit a cut, which I executed fairly nicely and landed a 9iron on the front right portion of green….pin was in back left.  Tried not to leave my long 45ft putt short and hit it a good 6ft by and missed the comebacker for another 3 putt today, killing me! Bogey

Round (+1)

Hole 12: 154 Par 3

Another par 3 over water.  We got rushed here as the old person group in front of us, one of which was walking was nice enough to have us play up as they were on the green.  I rushed it and pushed my 9iron left and missed the green.  Quickly I hit my PW pitch a little too far past the hole and just putted quickly for a 2 putt bogey.  I should have calmed myself down and took my time, but we wanted to pass them quickly as there was nobody for miles ahead of them. Bogey

Round (+2)

Hole 13: 477 Par 4

Downhill long par 4….absolutely crushed my driver here today down the middle.  This is a downhill hole and the ball ended in middle of fairway only 103 to center….374 yard drive!  Finally hit a great wedge just passed the hole about 8 ft.  A quick downhill putt, but it looked pretty straight, I played it in the center and rolled it in for birdie….feels nice to get a shot back here this green is very tough. Birdie

Round (+1)

Hole 14: 412 Par 4

Water on the left and out of bounds on the right; took a 5iron today because last week I hit a 4iron too well and it ran through into the water.  Worked out perfectly today as I hit it down the middle only 150 out.  Pin was tucked in the back right where you can’t see the putting surface.  Tried to muscle a PW up there as it was with the wind, but I blocked it out left and it finished on the front left side of green.  A long putt of about 50ft and I didn’t trust my original line.  Left it out left about 7ft left of hole where I missed again for another disastrous 3putt, got to fix this! Bogey

(Round +2)

Hole 15: 551 Par 5

Hit a great drive down the left side that finished just a few feet in the rough.  Was 250 out today into the wind, so I tried to crush a 5wood up to the front of green.  Drew it in nicely and was left with only about 30yards to green.  Hit a pitch that looked like it was in the hole for eagle, but it just missed for a tap in birdie. Birdie

(Round +1)

Hole 16: 453 Par 4

The #1 handicapped hole on the scorecard.  Tight driving hole, but I decided to take my driver out today.  I blocked it left…..looked like it was going out, but got a great bounce off the hill and came to rest almost in the fairway….a good break.  Took a PW and landed it about a foot from the flag, but it rolled to just 3ft!  Unfortunately the putt was in that Bermuda triangle zone, one where you don’t want to mark it, you’d rather just walk up and hit it in without thinking, but it’s just a little too far to that.  I marked it and even though it was a pretty straight putt, I freaking pulled it and missed, come on!! Killer, could have stolen a birdie from the hardest hole on the course and gotten back to even with only 2 holes to go.  My under par round of golf was a real possibility if could have made that!  Par.

Round (+1)

Hole 17: 157 Par 3

Hit a solid 7iron on the back left of the green.  Had about a 25ft putt that I lagged up well and tapped in for par. Par

Round (+1)

Hole 18: 411 Par 4

Very scenic 18th hole heading back down the hill to the clubhouse.  Confidently stood up there and crushed a driver down the middle, finished just 75 yards to center, 336 yard drive.  Ball was on a downhill slope in the fairway and the pin was located just 6 paces on from the front, only about 66 yards away.  Clipped it perfectly and it landed just on the front, but for some reason didn’t have the spin I thought it would and it finished about 12ft above the hole.  A quick downhill right to left breaking putt for an even round of 70….knocked it up to about a foot and tapped in for my lowest round of my life, +1 71! Par

(Round +1)


Two 3 putts and a 3 ft birdie missed on 16 killed me as this should have been an under par back 9.  2 solid birdies though and I end it was a solid 36 (+1) Par 35 Back 9.  Hit 8 out of 9 greens on this 9, just could not putt. Fairways Hit (FW) 3/7 43% Green in Regulation (GIR) 8/9 88% Up/Downs 1/2 50% Sand Saves 0/0 0% Penalties: 0 Putts: 18

Final Score: 71 (+1) Fairways Hit (FW) 6/14 43% Green in Regulation (GIR) 12/18 66% Up/Downs 4/7 57%. Sand Saves 0/0 0% Penalties: 0 Putts: 32

Wow, this round could have been that under par round that I have been chasing, but basically three 3 putts and a birdie missed from 3 ft cost me, but I’m not going to dwell on that, I’m going to enjoy my lowest round ever.  I hope that I can continue shooting in the low 70’s and that this round is just the first of many to come in upcoming months.  This round was my first negative CDF handicap rating as this course plays from the backs at a 74.1 rating.  As a result, this round lowered my CDF Handicap down to a 2.8, lowest of my life. If you are not familiar with what a CDF Handicap is, look over on the left side of my blog and that will give you the definition.  I will continue to work hard and keep improving, my under par round of golf is hopefully close, I can really taste it now…..keep working hard, I believe!


First of all Happy 4th of July to all of my fellow American viewers! Yes….I realize that I’m posting this just after midnight here and it is technically the 5th, but I just couldn’t finish it in time!  Today is a day to celebrate and give thanks to all those who have sacrificed their lives to protect this nation for us over the past 237 years.  Us Americans are all so blessed to live in a nation where we have the right to pursue our own happiness and the freedom to go after the dreams in our heart.  I for one do not take that for granted, I know there are millions of people across the world that unfortunately do not have that luxury.

Played my 2nd round at Riverwalk today, completed back to back days of golf on the fantastic Riverwalk course, playing the exact 9 hole combination as yesterdays round of 78 (+6) Friars/Presidio.  A really fun round out there today, that included a crazy accident that we witnessed on the back 9.  Will probably never see that again in my life, check it out!

Riverwalk Friars/Presidio 6,627 Yards Par 72


Front 9 Friars 3,230 Yards Par 36

Hole 1: 384 Par 4

Straight away par 4; today hit a great 1st tee drive down the right side of the fairway.  Hit my 2nd shot in almost the exact same spot as yesterday on the front right portion of the green.  Flag was on middle right today, so I did not have an extremely long putt.  About 20 ft up the hill, left my putt a good 6 ft short (continuing my trend from yesterday) and I missed the 6 ft par putt, for a bad opening hole 3 putt bogey. Bogey

Round (+1)

Hole 2: 509 Par 5

Dog leg left par 5, hit my drive down the left side and it took a nasty bounce left and found the hazard.  Got to drop at the spot and laced a 5 wood up just right of the green.  Even with the penalty I had a nice opportunity for an up and down par and I hit a good chip to about 8 ft.  Made the uphill slight right to left breaking par putt! Par

Round (+1)

Hole 3: 342 Par 4

Dog leg right hole, where a lake runs down the right side, from playing yesterday I knew that I could take a 3 wood or driver and cut off the hole yardage significantly by going over the lake.  Decided on a 3 wood and although I thinned it low, it had a perfect draw on it and ran out around the corner of the lake.  Only had 70 yards to green, but still struggling to put it close from this distance, 35 ft over the pin.  A quick tricky 2 putt, somehow left my lag putt short again a good 6 ft and lipped out my par putt for ANOTHER 3 putt…..ughhh! Bogey

Round (+2)

Hole 4: 171 Par 3

I started reading this great book my sisters got me called “Zen Golf” by Dr. Joseph Parent….only a few chapters in, but the ideas he has presented about letting go of bad shots, focusing and thinking of the bigger picture have really hit home to me.  I’ll talk more about the book when I’m finished reading it, but wanted to mention it because I used his techniques after the two 3 putts in my first opening 3 holes and it had amazing results.  Focused on this next difficult shot and hit a great 6 iron to about 15 ft.  Had the putt right online, but it stopped a few inches short, solid par on this #1 handicap hole. Par

Round (+2)

Hole 5: 395 Par 4

Straight away par 4 where you can let the driver fly.  Hit almost the same drive as yesterday, crushed down the middle, only 75 yards in.  Hit a solid wedge this time that played off a slope on the green and ran towards the cup, finished about 12.  Birdie putt burned the edge, tap in par.  Par

Round (+2)

Hole 6: 175 Par 3

Hit an 8 iron to center of green, about 25 ft away, good lag putt and made my 3 ft par putt. Par

Round (+2)

Hole 7: 507 Par 5

Out of bounds to the left, hit a great drive down middle of fairway.  Only had 200 to reach this par 5 in 2, but I blocked a 5 iron out to the left.  Hit a solid chip to about 6 ft, but missed my right to left breaking birdie putt on the low side, par. Par

Round (+2)

Hole 8: 403 Par 4

Slight dog leg right hole, blocked my tee shot out to the left, but it stayed in.  Had a fluffy lie in the rough 140 out, hard to get any spin, took a PW, hit center of green, but just ran off to the back.  Nice little bump and run and made the putt for a par. Par

Round (+2)

Hole 9: 344 Par 4

Decided to hit my driver today and hit a solid drive down the right side of fairway.  Hit a lob wedge, that I clipped perfectly and it finished just 5ft from cup, but unfortunately was above the hole and a real quick putt.  Had to play it off the toe to kill the speed, looked in, but hit a spike mark at the cup and darted right and missed….dang, great opportunity missed.  Par

Round (+2)


Started off shaky with two 3 putts in my first 3 holes and an out of bounds tee shot on #2, but gathered my focus back and finished the 9 with 6 consecutive pars for a 38 (+2) on this Par 36 Friars Front 9. Fairways Hit (FW): 4/7 57% Greens in Regulation (GIR): 7/9 77% Up/Downs: 2/2 100% Sand Saves: 0/ 0% Penalties: 1 Putts: 18

Back 9 Presidio: 3,397 Yards Par 36

Hole 10: 398 Par 4

Bad drive out to the left that caught a fairway bunker.  Had about 160 into the wind, hit a knock down 7 iron through the winds, drew in perfectly and finished just 1 ft away from the cup!  Almost a hole out eagle, but after that tee shot, a tap in birdie feels about the same as if I had holed it. Birdie

Round (+1)

Hole 11: 178 Par 3

Crazy thing happened on this hole as we approached, a guy from the group in front of us tried to make a u-turn to the side of the lake, but instead of stopping to reverse, he drove right into the lake!!  I have never seen anything like that in my life, pretty funny actually, the guy was alright and they eventually finished the hole after the staff brought out another cart for him.  What an idiot, but we all had a nice laugh and my buddy took a picture.  After we waited for the situation to clear up we played this difficult par 3 over the lake and that had a steady cross wind left to right.  Hit a 6 iron today that over drew slightly and ended just in the back right.  Hit a great little bump and run chip to about 4 ft…..but horrible missed the putt, pulled it. Bogey

65019_4367309520052_982843999_n 1017395_4367309640055_1574415435_n

Round (+2)

Hole 12: 511 Par 5

Dog leg right Par 5, reachable in 2 if you hit a deep drive, but I hit mine left again.  Hit a nice 5 wood up just right of the green.  Had to hit about a 30 yard flop that I flew a little too far and had about a 18 ft putt slightly downhill…..2 putted for par. Par

 Round (+2)

Hole 13: 440 Par 4

Hit another really good drive down the left side of the fairway.  Hit a solid gap wedge on to about 10 ft, but left the birdie putt a rotation short, par. Par

Round (+2)

Hole 14: 393 Par 4

Straightway par 4, but the fairway is separated by a river in the middle, so you are forced to lay up to about 220 from the tee.  Hit a 4 iron that just missed the fairway on the right side.  Had about 190 to flag, hit a 6 iron hoping to land it about 180 and run the rest…came off perfectly and ended about 8 ft below the hole.  Rolled in the putt for a great birdie on this #1 handicapped hole on the Presidio 9. Birdie

Round (+1)

Hole 15: 538 Par 5

A nice par 5 to try and get a shot back….hit my drive over to the left and then tried to hit a 5 iron up, but caught it really thin and it just squirted forward.  Bad shot, but made it up with a nice 8 iron that ended just short of green.  Little bump and run with my PW and tapped in for a par. Par

Round (+1)

Hole 16: 374 Par 4

Pushed my drive left into the fairway bunker.  Had about 145 into a cross wind, punched a 9 iron that drew just too much and spun right off the green.  Hit another great little chip to about 5 ft and made the par putt. Par

Round (+1) 

Hole 17: 148 Par 3

Heading into 17, I was sitting at only +1, my dream of shooting an under par round is a possibility if I can play the final 2 holes in -2.  Admittedly I was not even paying attention to my score, I knew I had a great round going, but did not know I was only +1.  Like I said earlier, I am reading the book Zen Golf and it talks about just clearing your mind and focusing on the next shot in front of you and not thinking about your score as a whole.  Double bogeyed this hole yesterday when I hit a PW short, so I took out my 9 iron today.  Would have been pin high if I did not leave it out way left where it took a horrible bounce off a cart path.  Had to hit an amazingly high flop over a few trees to a short sided pin location with a bunker in-between.  Impossible shot, but I did flop it over the trees, but too far and it landed in a bunker on the other side….where it plugged.  Bad break, but was able to knock it out to about 6 ft, but of course I missed the putt for back to back double bogeys on this hole, which I now will forever hate! Double Bogey.

Round (+3)

Hole 18: 417 Par 4

Straight away par 4 that has out of bounds on the right side.  Sliced my tee shot over to the left around some trees, but was able to advance it up just in front of the green.  Little too strong on my chip and was left with about 8 ft for par.  Looked good, but died left at the very end….finished this round double bogey, bogey….disappointing end to an otherwise great round.  Bogey

Round (+4)


Was -1 on this 9 heading into the final 2 holes, but blew up to finish with a 38 (+2).  At least no 3 putts today on this 9, compared to the 3 I had yesterday and I saw a cart in the middle of a lake so that’s a plus.  Fairways Hit (FW): 1/7 14% Greens in Regulation (GIR): 4/9 44% Up/Downs: 2/5 40% Sand Saves: 0/0 0% Penalties: 0 Putts: 14

Final Stats: Fairways Hit (FW): 5/14 36% Greens in Regulation (GIR): 11/18 61% Up/Downs: 4/7 57% Sand Saves: 0/0 0% Penalties: 1 Putts: 32


Oaks North Executive Course

Quick update about the last couple days for me….On Wednesday, my buddy and I decided not to go play a full regulation 18 hole course, but rather go to an nice executive course in my area called Oaks North to practice our iron and short game.  When I first started playing golf at 13 or 14, I used to go here almost every day after school.  My mom would drop my friends and I off and we’d play a 9 or just practice for a few hours, coming back here brought back a lot of good memories.  I haven’t been up here in probably 12 years and it’s funny how much smaller the holes feel.  I remember playing the junior tournaments here every week and have a lot of first and 2nd place trophy’s and ribbons from them still.  There are three 9 holes courses at Oaks North; (North, South and East) each contains three par 4’s and the rest par 3’s.  This is not a course where the par 3’s are only 100 yards, each is anywhere from 100-190, it really does test your wedge/mid iron game and the par 4’s are all about 250-300.  As a kid I remember playing these par 4’s and thinking they were so long, now I can reach them all with 3 and 5 woods or less.  Anyway, we walked the course and it was not too busy, so we hit multiple balls from different locations just to get some nice course practice in.  I putted horrible, missed 4 putts from inside of 6 ft, feels like my putting is starting to get away from me now, where as before, these past 4 weeks, I have been putting lights out from that distance.  I’ll get it back though, still getting the feel of the smaller, new putting grip I put on last week.  I’ll definitely be back to this executive course more often than I thought, because it really is a good test of your wedge/short iron and up and down  game, something that I need to perfect, as it is probably the most important factor in getting down to a scratch.  Later that night, I went to the range to work on a few things and hit the ball alright. I still feel like I’m not doing a great job of implementing the changes my coach wants me to make; I’m working really hard to get it however.

On Thursday, I did a lot of work in front a full length mirror in my house, working on getting into the positions my teacher wants me to get into.  It’s nice to be able to see yourself, like you would with a video and it gives you exponentially more feedback than just going off of feel.  I’m still struggling with what the correct flat, layed off position is supposed to look or feel like, and so I’m going to need to get another lesson to make sure I’m doing it correctly. Thursday night, after working in the mirror for a couple hours, I went to the range to see how the ball flight and contact would be.  I really worked on flattening my swing and it seemed to help a lot with the longer irons and woods.  Was hitting a lot of solid, straight shots.  Worked on the driver near the end and was hitting it a lot better than I have been in the past week.  My last ball, I really concentrated and focused as if I was on the first tee, going through my entire pre shot routine, and crushed it down my target line.  An older man, hitting next to me, who had been watching me for a bit, looked up and said “Well that’s about as perfect as you can hit it, you really took you’re time on that one, great looking swing.”  It’s always a good feeling when you get complements on your swing at the driving range, gives you a nice boost of confidence.

I’m hoping to be able to play this weekend, but if not then hopefully we will make it 3 weeks in a row on Monday with my buddy.  Will probably be playing on July 4th also, I did that a few years back and nobody was on the course.  For my international viewers who do not know, July 4th is the holiday here in the United States to celebrate the day of our nations independence from the British in 1776, basically Americas birthday. (Sorry my many U.K viewers) It’s a great day to play some golf, BBQ and enjoy fireworks!  Speaking of the U.K. I would love to go to the U.K. one day, the last name Tyson is English and I like watching the BBC and I think Karl Pilkington is a genius and one of the funniest men on earth, haha!  The rich history of the British intrigues me and it would be a great place to visit one day.