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On New Year Day, after posting my 2014 golfing goals, I headed out to Oaks North, my local executive course, to get my first official 2014 golf round in.  I hope that this round is a reflection of what’s to come in 2014 because I hit the ball amazing!  Hit officially a total of 14 GIR’s, but had two more that were just on the fringe where I was able to putt, so really closer to 16/18 GIRs.  Been working on standing a little further away from the ball at address, feels like a much more comfortable position and it is allowing my arms to really move through the hitting area more freely.  Ball is starting more down my intended starting line with a nice very tiny draw that was pin seeking all day.  The Achilles heel for my game right now is my short game, my putting in particular, it has been terrible.  Both my lag putting and short putts have been bad and as a result I have been 3 putting like crazy.  This round, despite almost hitting 16 greens in regulation, featured four 3-putts and only two birdies, resulting in a +4 total round.  Having more 3 putts than 1 putts in a round is just not going to be conducive to shooting low.  I think a good bit of what’s wrong with my putting could just be mental, but I’m playing on Saturday at a course where last time I played, I had 40+ putts, so let’s hope I can putt a little better than last time.


Carmel Highlands #5 Tee

061513152655On Saturday the 4th, I met a friend over at Carmel Highlands and played a round at the Par 72 course. Carmel Highlands is a tough tree lined course with really fast sloping greens, it is not in the best of shape right now, lots of dead patches, sandy lies and hardpan just off the fairways and greens.   Makes for a difficult track, but I continued to hit the ball well, however my short game really cost me again.  Shot a disappointing (+9) 81, had two more 3 putts and two double bogeys, both of them coming after I was in the middle of the fairway off the tee.  Hit 10 GIR’s, but was 0/8 on up and downs where I missed the green.   I know now for sure the area of my game where I’m losing the most strokes and I can improve my scores tremendously quickly if I can just tightening up my short game from about 100yards and in.  Having a really great and solid short game is the only way I’m ever going to get to scratch, I’m honestly hitting the ball well enough right now to shoot in the low to mid 70’s every time, so a lot more hours on the practice green is in my future.



#18th Tee Mountain Course

**Here are some of the pictures taken at the tournament in Palm Springs few weeks ago.  The PGA West courses in Palm Springs are beautiful and it was a real treat to get to experience golf at some of the finest courses in the US.**

Spent most of my time this week at the range working on my long game to try and stop my shifting forward in my downswing.  It’s something that my coach identified as a problem months ago when I first started getting lessons again, but I could never fully grasp the correct “feeling.”  I dedicated myself this week to finding that feeling as I know that I have fallen back into my bad habit of shifting forward with my hips instead of turning through on the downswing…and it causes me to have real inconsistent contact with an either push or big draw ball flight.   I feel like now I have finally figured out the correct feeling and my swing feels a lot smoother and my contact is A LOT better.  Worked in front of a mirror, with swing analysis video on my phone and at the range and I’m seeing great positive results.


Me putting on #18 Dunes Course

I played a round with my friend on Wednesday over at the Vineyard to try and take my practice to the course and see how it would hold up during a round.  I shot a disappointing 79, but my ball striking with my irons was really solid and my ball flight was a lot more accurate than it has been.  My only problem this round was off the tee with my driver.  I hit every single drive solid, with distance, it was just leaking left.  I found the out of bounds off the tee 4 times on Wednesday, causing me to have 3 double bogeys.  b1dfab579a60ec73ca8d4ebdbb0b10e9So I know what I need to work on again and it is straightening out my driver, the contact and distance is there, but I can feel I’m coming slightly over the top, now I just need to find the correct slot and that should straighten it out.  Worked last night at the range for a bit and my driver was getting a lot better, still slightly leaking left, but definitely straightening out.



My short game is the best it’s ever been right now, I’m really confident in what I’m doing with my putter.  I’m finally getting consistent solid contact in the center of the putter face and it has greatly improved my distance control.  The ball is rolling off the putter face as it should and my green reading is improving also.  I’m the most confident I have ever been on the greens right now and I hope to keep it going


Our Group Day #2 at the Dunes Course

I’m not sure if I’ll be able to get out and play this weekend, but hopefully next week I can get out 2-3 times and play some solid golf.  If I keep hitting the ball like I am and straighten out that driver, I feel like I can go real low, let’s make it happen!

Being Congratulated on the Victory

Being Congratulated on the Victory



Decided to schedule a putting lesson today with my instructor, we worked for an hour on different putting drills, designed for me to better feel what I’m doing and be able to self correct.  We worked on drills that helped with range of vision and really taking in your entire surroundings, not just the distance of  you to the hole.  This includes everything behind the hole, from the edge of the green to the houses or street in the distance.  When you start to just focus on the distance from you to the hole, you start to get tunnel vision, to play the best golf we must start to expand our vision.  Tunnel vision can also have the effect of making the distance between two spaces look considerably closer because you are focused on a fixed point.    One of the drills you can do to test this is to set up to a straight putt of say 15-30 ft distance (don’t pace it off before) and then stand up, turn your club so that the grip is pointing to the ground.  Now close your eyes and start walking toward the cup.  When you feel like you are close to where you believe the hole is, set the putter grip down.  This might tell you something interesting about the way you perceive the distance between putts.

My coach wants me to learn how to better feel and understand the strokes I’m making.  I would hit a putt and then based on if it started left, right or down my intended line, I would describe to him the feelings of that particular swing, in as great detail as possible.  This is a great way to learn how to self correct.  Eventually we did a variation of this drill where I would putt with my eyes closed and then tell him what I felt and whether I thought the putt started left, right or down my target line.  My coach doesn’t want to start messing with my grip and set up for right now, maybe later down the line we might tweak a few things, but he believes that putting is more about feeling than mechanics.

We also talked about the idea of not lining up the lines on my ball toward my intended line.  I’m sure you guys have seen some pros do this, most famously Tiger Woods has done it before, where he lines up a line on his ball where we wants his putt to start.  I always do this when I’m playing a round, but ironically as we were chatting about this, I realized that when I practice on a putting green, I don’t.  So I’m going to work on playing with no line up and focus on just seeing my putts rather than get locked in to a particular line and narrowing my focus.


Went over to Oaks North again, a local executive course with three different 9 hole courses.  Last time we played the North/East combination, but this time we played the South/East (Par 60).  Each 9 contains 6 par 3’s and 3 par 4s.  It is a great test for your irons and short game and I played very well, shooting an even par round of 60!  I’m not going to do a round recap, but I will give you a few high and low lights.   Chipped in twice, once for eagle and once for birdie!  I hit 10 of the 18 greens, but missed about 4 that were on the fringe, really close.  I managed to only 3 putt once utilizing my new putting method and that was on the 3rd hole where I only had about a 12 ft putt for birdie.  A bad 3 putt, but it was early in my round and I was trying to get used to not lining up my putts with the arrows on the ball and forgot to think about speed on the downhill putt.  So a mistake that was quickly canceled out when I made eagle on the next hole, but other than that I lag putted fairly well.  Still did not make as many putts as I would have liked from 12 ft and in, missed a few par and birdie chances from inside 10 ft, but I was more aware of why I missed them.  My chipping game is continuing to be a strength of mine and I’m just so eager to keep playing and see what I can do.

Ended up heading down to the driving range later on in the night, hit the ball well, worked a lot of my wedges trying to better understand the exact distances of each wedge.  Hit my driver and woods at the end, found myself getting a little bit too quick and as a result I was hitting them off the toe or shifting extremely forward.  Realized that it could be my tempo and once I fixed that, I was back to hitting my driver in the middle of the club face and sending it deep down range toward my intended target.  I need to remember to keep my tempo, I tend to get quick a lot and it causes me to be an inconsistent ball striker.  Hopefully going to be playing a round this weekend on either Saturday or Sunday if it does not rain.  But if not, I’ll still be playing on Monday again at Vineyard and Wednesday for sure somewhere.



I hit up the range after work and continued my solid play from this past week.  I know I’m swinging well when my swing thoughts are minimal, my body is relaxed and I’m just free flowing.  I remember last week, my range sessions were terrible, I was gripping the club in a death grip, thinking about where my arms should be in the back swing, the path of the club down, my hips, turning through….a dozen different swing thoughts clouding my mind.  As a result, I hit the ball like I was a 30 handicap, became more and more frustrated and less and less confident.  I know they say that playing well breeds confidence, but it is just as true that having confidence allows for playing well.  Hit my driver amazing on Friday night, focused mostly on my wedges, but I left about 15 balls for my driver at the end and hit 13 out of 15 down my target line.  Feeling confident in that club again, let’s hope I can keep that going this next week on the course.


Went putting for about 2 hours before work trying to work on my lag putting which has been killing me lately.  Still seems like my tendency is to leave the longer putts short, I feel like I’m killing the ball, but it still comes up woefully short.  I’m going to go see my coach next week for a putting lesson, really need one badly.  I experimented with widen my feet near the end of my putting session and it seems to give me a more stable base and allowed for the club to swing more freely, we’ll see if it helps me putt better on the course Monday.


Going to be playing another round on Monday, late afternoon after work at the Vineyard….will be my 5th round since starting the blog at the Par 70 Vineyard course and I’m looking to break my upward trend of scores.  Started off with a 74 here, but since have gone 76, 80, 81 consecutively since.  I’m finally feeling real confident in my driver, so I will really be disappointed with anything in the 80s on Monday.

Went to the range again tonight after work, hit the ball very well again.  Was hitting almost every club in the bag well, except the few 3 woods I hit.  My driver is coming around nicely, I am crushing the ball down my target line right now, I’m really starting to figure that out, excited to bring it to my round tomorrow.  On the last 4th of my range bucket tonight, I used the balls to visually play the first 6 or 7 holes of the course I’m playing tomorrow.  I went through my whole routine as if I was on the 1st hole and then based on my tee shot, I judged how far out I would be with my 2nd and played the type of shot needed (straight, draw, cut).  I did this for the remaining balls I had and made it through about the 7th hole.  I have a solid plan for how I’m going to play the first couple holes tomorrow and preparing like this can really help you gain a lot of confidence going into a round.  I’m expecting a mid to low 70s round tomorrow……now let’s make it happen!

Played at the Riverwalk today and we played the hardest of the three 9 hole combinations.  I will actually be playing the exact same 9’s tomorrow as I was able to book a July 4th tee time with my buddy.  I’m excited about being able to play on back to back days and today I wanted to come out to the Riverwalk so that I could play the same course two days in a row.  We played the Friars/Presidio combination today that plays at a rating of 71.7/129, but is much tougher than that.  If you click on the scorecard picture you’ll find at the end of each 9 recap, you can actually see the hole layouts on the scorecard.  Gives you a good visual to go along with my descriptions….enjoy!

Riverwalk: Friars/Presidio 6,627 Yards Par 72


Front 9 Friars 3,230 Yards Par 36

Hole 1: 384 Par 4

Straight away par 4, hooked my drive into the opposite fairway to the right.  2nd shot was about 160 into the wind, took an 8 because I didn’t want to go over and it finished on the very front portion of the green.  Had a long 70ft putt up the slope, hit a nice lag putt to about 4 ft and made the par. Par

Round (E)

Hole 2: 509 Par 5

Dog leg left par 5, hit my drive down the left side.  Had a small tree in front of me so I couldn’t go for the green, just hit a 7iron over the tree, but pulled it slightly.  My 3rd shot was about 125, but had to keep it under another tree.  Wanted to just hit a low punch cut shot, took a 9iron thinking it wouldn’t go that far.  Hit it perfect and that was WAY too much club and it ended in the rough over the green.  A huge downhill slope to the flag located at the very front, hit an amazing PW chip to about 5ft and left myself an uphill putt.  Drained it, for a great up and down, par. Par

Round (E)

Hole 3: 342 Par 4

Dog leg right hole, where a lake runs down the right side. Our GPS wasn’t working so I didn’t know how much it was to carry the lake to the fairway on the other side, so I just hit a hybrid down the left side.  Turns out it wasn’t that far over the lake and I could have cut the hole off a lot if I hit driver.  Will probably go for that tomorrow depending on the wind.  Had about 128 left and hit a gap wedge.  Hit a bad shot that I layed off and it leaked to the left rough.  Had to flop it over a bunker onto a downhill slope, ball landed just a ft too short and stayed up on the collar.  Very delicate, difficult chip now left for my par down the slope…..knocked it in, boom!! Par

Round (E)

Hole 4: 171 Par 3

Hardest hole on this side, lake on the left and right of this narrow green.  Hit a 6iron, but it just came up short in the bunker.  When I got up to the green, found the ball plugged badly in the bunker….with water on the other side of the green, I was really scared of this next shot.  Tried to put the negative chatter in my mind away and I hit a great shot up to about 10ft…phew!  Missed the par putt, but that hole could have been a lot worse with the plugged lie I had in the bunker. Bogey

Round (+1)

Hole 5: 395 Par 4

Straight away par 4 that you can let the driver eat.  Hit a perfect drive, solid and down the middle, it ended in the fairway only 78 yards from hole, a nice 317yard drive.  Wedge game is killing me right now, hit a lob wedge that came up short.  Should be putting those on the green within 12 ft 80-90%% of the time, got to fix that.  Continued my great touch around the greens though with this chip that looked in, but hit the stick and stayed out.  1inch par tap in.  Par

Round (+1)

Hole 6: 175 Par 3

Wind was helping today and hit a 7iron that finished about 8ft above the hole.  A quick downhill putt that I played off the toe of the putter to try and kill some speed….birdie putt just burned the right edge of the hole, 2 putt par. Par

Round (+1)

Hole 7: 507 Par 5

Out of bounds to the left, so I made sure I went right.  Pulled my drive onto the fairway on the right, but only had 220 into the par 5.  Blind shot, so I hit a 5 iron that actually ended up just short of the green about 15 yards.  Made a good PW pitch to about 8ft below the hole…..rolled in the straight putt for my first birdie of the day, back to even! Birdie

Round (E)

Hole 8: 403 Par 4

Slight dog leg right hole, took aim over a set of bunkers on the right side and crushed it.  One of the best feeling and looking drives of my life, just perfectly in the center of the club face and ended only 73yards from the green in the fairway, 330yards!  Hit a lob wedge, to the elevated green and it ended about 15ft above hole.  2 putted for a par. Par

Round (E)

Hole 9: 344 Par 4

Took a 3 wood and hit a solid drive down the middle.  Only had 106 yards, but it was severally into the wind.  I tried to trap a lob wedge and flight it under the wind, but caught it fat and it fell way short of the green.  Had to hit a giant flop to the green and almost holed it, but it finished about 6ft away.  A little right to left breaking putt, but I missed it on the low side to make a disappointing bogey to finish this solid 9 from only 100 yards out. Bogey

Round (+1)


A great 37 (+1) on this Par 36 Friars Front 9.  Hit a few really great drives and kept the ball in bounds.  My wedge game really killed me this 9, but my chipping was on fire.  Fairways Hit (FW): 3/7 43% Greens in Regulation (GIR): 4/9 44% Up/Downs: 3/4 75% Sand Saves: 0/1 0% Penalties: 0 Putts: 13

Back 9 Presidio:3,397 Yards Par 36

Hole 10: 398 Par 4

Hit my drive solid, but left into the opposite fairway. Had about 150 into the wind, hit a great 8iron right at the flag, but it finished just on the front of the green.  Had about a 20ft birdie putt that I misjudged the speed on and left it a good 8ft short, missed the next putt for a bad 3putt start to the back 9. Bogey

Round (+2)

Hole 11: 178 Par 3

Over a lake and had a steady cross wind left to right.  Hit a 7iron and played the wind, landed on the green and rolled down the slope to about 15ft above the hole.  Another horrible lag putt as I left this putt also about 6-7ft short.  Back to back 3 putts as I missed my par putt……putting is going to be the death of me this back 9. Bogey

Round (+3)

Hole 12: 511 Par 5

Dog leg right Par 5, reachable in 2 if you hit a deep drive, but I hit mine left again into a parallel fairway.  Took a 5wood and crushed up about 60 yards from the green.  Hit an ok wedge shot this time, but it was still 15ft right of the hole.  Leaving my last two lag putts short, I was going to make sure I got it to the hole this time…..a little too much and I ran it 5 ft by.  What do you know…lipped out that putt for my 3rd consecutive 3 putt….you have got to be kidding me right now!?!?  Bogey on this par 5 from 60 yards out….unacceptable.  Bogey

 Round (+4)

Hole 13: 440 Par 4

Hit another really good drive that finished just in the rough, but was only 116 to middle of the green.  Missed another green with a wedge in my hand as I left this one out to the left again.  Continued my solid chipping as I chipped a PW to about 2ft, tap in par to stop the bogey train. Par

Round (+4)

Hole 14: 393 Par 4

Straightway par 4, but the fairway is separated by a river in the middle, so you are forced to lay up to about 220 from the tee.  Hit a 4iron today that stayed down the left side in the rough.  Had a terrible lie, basically dirty and in a depression.  Tried to advance a 6iron, but hit it fat and it came up about 90yards short of green.  Hit a good wedge to the center of the green, but missed my par putt.  Bogey

Round (+5)

Hole 15: 538 Par 5

A nice par 5 to try and get a shot back….hit my drive over to the left and then hit a nice 5wood up to about 30yards.  Had a really bad angle to the pin as it was tucked just over a bunker and I had to hit a long flop shot.  Came off perfectly and finished just 6ft from hole for birdie….pulled the putt and let a great birdie opportunity slip by. Par

Round (+5)

Hole 16: 374 Par 4

Pushed my drive left and had to hit another punch cut shot to keep it under a branch.  Only problem is this ball didn’t cut and came up short right.  Hit a real nice chip to 4ft and made a nice up and down par. Par

Round (+5) 

Hole 17: 148 Par 3

Someone in our group had a range finder and they said the pin was only 140.  I hit a solid PW thinking that it was perfect, but it came up short.  Thought it was in the hazard, but we found it almost imbedded on the edge in some long grass.  Decided to play it and I had to chock down my wedge all the way to the metal and took a hack…popped out, but only a few ft.  An unlucky break as that ball then rolled into a random pitch mark and I proceeded to leave that chip short as well.  Kind of throwing my real solid round away here on 17….ended up making a double bogey 5.  Double Bogey.

Round (+7)

Hole 18: 417 Par 4

Straight away par 4 that has out of bounds on the right side.  Hit a real solid drive down the left side, ended up getting some nice roll on the cart path and finished only 80 yards away, 337 yard drive.  Finally hit a solid wedge shot to about 8ft below the hole.  Made the left to right breaking putt and finished my round off nicely with a much needed birdie on 18 after the disaster on 17.  Birdie

Round (+6)


Started off this 9 with 3 consecutive 3 putt bogeys and a disastrous 5 on the par 3 17th, but ended with a nice birdie on 18.  Although my stats will say I hit 0 FW’s on the back 9, I did hit a lot of solid drives that just finished outside the fairways….putting is what killed me on this 9, 41 (+5). Fairways Hit (FW): 0/7 0% Greens in Regulation (GIR): 5/9 55% Up/Downs: 2/4 50% Sand Saves: 0/0 0% Penalties: 0 Putts: 18

Final Stats: Fairways Hit (FW): 3/14 22% (Drove the ball great today, many solid long drives and kept the ball in bounds all day, win for me)  Greens in Regulation (GIR): 9/18 50% Up/Downs: 5/8 63% Sand Saves: 0/1 0% Penalties: 0 Putts: 32

Overall I’m pleased with this round, I feel like I’m starting to hit the ball better after a horrible last few weeks.  My back 9 was extremely disappointing, but it was not my driving that killed me like previous weeks, it was my putting.  I’m playing the same 9’s tomorrow so I should improve my speed.  My chipping and up and down game is staying really solid…I have proven that I can get up and down over 50% of the time on a consistent basis now and that feels really really good.  Still need to work on my 120 and in wedge game, can’t continue to miss greens from that distance or put it on, but 20+ft away from hole.  That should be my scoring clubs and I need to be making birdies or pars from that distance automatically, not bogeys.  That will come with more playing and consistent practice, but I feel good heading into my round tomorrow.  Will be playing the same two 9’s so I hope that I can improve on my +6 score today.  Played well enough today to shoot about 2-4 over, but I won’t complain about a round in the 70’s after the disappointing past couple weeks.


Headed to the driving range tonight for about 3 hours to practice my long game, really took my time in between shots to analyze the feelings and position I was getting into and to work on the things my coach has been teaching me.  Needless to say I hit the ball extremely well, one of my most consistent and best range sessions of my life.  I’m showing those positive signs that my game is heading in the right direction and really am feeling more confident than I thought I would at this point in changing my swing. So pleased with the progress I’m making especially in my driver and woods, gaining my distance back and a lot more accuracy.  My misses are not big and every drive I hit tonight at the range would have stayed inbounds.  Will be heading to the short game area tomorrow for a few hours of practice and then probably back for some long game on Wednesday night like usual.  Hoping to continue my solid play and keep moving in the right direction.  I’m not sure when I’m going to play again, I’d like to get out and play as soon as possible, might try and go play by myself on Thursday or Friday if everything goes well on Wednesdays session, but at worst hopefully I’ll get a round in this weekend.  My buddy will be done with school after this week and he has told me he would love to start going a few times a week, so hopefully that will help me get a ton of rounds in this summer.


Did some short game practice today over at the range I normally frequent; practiced chipping and bunker play for about 2 and half hours.  I feel extremely confident in my chipping game right now, with all range of distances.  They give you a sleeve of balls to practice at that contains about 22 golf balls I believe.  On the chipping range, I was hitting about 5 or 6 balls to a certain flag then switch my target to a different flag.  It’s important to go at different flags if you are going to hit about 20+ balls consecutively.  I like to change after about 5 or 6 just because anymore than that and you start to get a rhythm and feel for where the shot should land and it makes it easier.  On the course however, you only get one chance, so it’s important to keep it moving around so you’re testing yourself with every shot like you would when playing.  After awhile you start to “see” the shots easier and with enough practice that is going to translate to lower scores on the course.

 View from my chipping practice area today

One area I definitely need to put more focus on is my bunker play.  I have decided that I’m going to get a lesson from my instructor solely on bunker play because now that I think about it, I never have before.  I have only watched videos on bunker play and always gone purely through feel.  I do ok out of the bunkers, but have a lot of room to improve and a lesson from a PGA professional will certainly help me tremendously in that area.  I do a good job of avoiding green side bunkers on the course, but it is a weak aspect of my game I will need to tighten up if I’m going to become scratch.



Hit the ball fairly well on Wednesday night, am starting to get more comfortable with the new swing path and grip.  On Thursday, I decided to just work on chipping for the day, went over to Carmel Mountain Ranch Golf Club and chipped for 2 hours.  My chipping has been steadily improving over the past few months, really utilizing multiple clubs for certain situation and not solely relying on my 60 degree lob wedge for every chip and pitch.  I’ve known that the ideal way to chip is to just land the ball on the first 1/3rd of the green as quickly as possible and have it run out like a putt the rest of the way.  The chipping swing should almost be exactly the same every time, in terms of set up, length of swing and speed, the only difference should be the clubs for different distances.  It takes many hours of practice to really hone in on your chipping distances with every club, from lob wedge  all the way up to 5 or 6 irons.  The lowest lofted club I chip with right now has been a 7 iron.  I’m really going to try to practice chipping hard and learn the distance each club travels.  That is really going to help you lower your scores when you are on the course.  It gives you not only more options for shot types, but confidence to know that this certain club will go this certain distance and you can have a clear picture in your mind before performing the shot.  Short game is the most important aspect of scoring well, you must get up and down at least 70—80% of the time to shoot consistent low scores and right now according to my golf stats over the past year and a half am only at 22% successful saves.  Recently however over my last 4 rounds, I’m saving at a 42% clip so definitely improving as I get more comfortable with my distances and shot selection.


Did some more chipping today over at Carmel mountain for about 2 and a half hours.  Chipped amazing today, only was chipping 3 balls at a time and no exaggeration, I counted 8 times I chipped in and several more would be tap in putts.  8 chip-ins in 2 and half hours just hitting 3 balls at a time is a pretty awesome feat.  At a proper range they give you a sleeve of about 20-25 balls to hit and I have chipped those for 3 hours straight before and chipped in maybe once.  So to do it 8 times while hitting probably 80% fewer balls than I would normally in 2 and a half hours feels really good and means that my chipping is seriously improving.  I’m giving my chips chances of going in and that feels good, now I only wish I could take this over to the course!  After work on Friday night I went to the range for 2 hours to work on my long game.  I was hitting my wedges really crisp and nice, new grip and swing plane felt good, but once I got to the longer irons and driver I couldn’t seem hit it how I wanted.  Admittedly I got frustrated with myself after I hit the ball fairly well on Wednesday night with these clubs.  After getting frustrated, I started to lose focus and just started hitting balls and not really analyzing each swing and feel or thinking about what I was doing right or wrong.  I was just pounding balls for the last 40 minutes and that is not the way to improve in golf.  I’m not too concerned, but I do want to try to get a lesson either Sunday or Monday so that I can make sure that I’m implementing the correct changes to my swing that my teacher wants me to.  I need to remember that these changes are going to take some time and I’m not just going to hit the ball amazing over night, it’s going to take a lot of work, time and patience.  One of my biggest faults, like many in this day and age, is that I always want that instant gratification.  Golf is not the game for that type of thinking and I need to keep reminding myself that with time and constant practice, I can get to where I want in this game.  “Change is not a process for the impatient.” – Barbara Reinhold