{FB92BDB3-BAF4-4835-8600-54D48EF1F23A}mcilroy_abudhabi13_cameronputter_610_0Here is just a quick review of my latest golf rounds over the past 2 weeks.  Unfortunately, I didn’t play my best golf and my scores are a reflection of that…I had a lot of great shots over these 3 rounds, but couldn’t avoid sprinkling in some large numbers.  I had two triple bogey 6s on two different par 3s during these rounds, very uncharacteristic for how I’ve been playing lately, but I just left myself in some absolutely terrible spots on the holes and it cost me.

I’ve been working on the plane of my swing over the past couple weeks as I mentioned in my previous post and I’m still working on being able to repeat it consistently.  When I get it right, I hit the ball better than I ever have before, just perfect contact, height and ball flight, exactly what I’ve been searching for.  But in working on this change, I have a tendency to leave the face slightly open on impact, blocking shots to the left.  I’m not doing it too often, but often enough to seriously affect my scores right now.  My contact is a lot more consistent with this swing change, I’m just going to keep grinding and we’ll see how it goes in the next few weeks.

My putting continues to be a struggle however and it is the part of my game that is costing me the most strokes right now.  My short putting has been solid, but it is my lag putting that is just killing me.  I can’t get the long putt speed right with this heavier weight in my putter right now.  I had 3 3-putts at Riverwalk, 4 at Vineyard and 1 at Doubletree…this just can’t continue to happen.  31-35 putts a round is unacceptable in my opinion.  Shooting (+4) or (+5) with 35 putts is ridiculous…I’m hitting enough fairways and greens to be shooting under par consistently, if I could only get my putts to 27-30 a round.  I will get there eventually, it might feel impossible to me right now, but I know that it is possible to do it, so I’m just going to keep telling myself that it’s possible.  I’ll have to start spending more time on the putting green with longer putts…I can do this! 

So here are the round stats for these past 2 weeks, hopefully I’ll get out a few times this week.       

10/8/14 The Vineyard Golf Course 6,531 Yards Par 70 (Blue: 71.0/126)

Score: 75(+5) FW: 9/14 GIR: 13/18 Putts: 35 Up/Down: 1/2 Sand Save: 1/1 Penalties: 1

10/9/14 Carmel Highlands Doubletree: Par 72 71.4/129 6,428 Yards

Score: 81(+9) FW: 6/15 GIR: 8/19 Putts: 31 U/Down: 5/10 San Save: 0/1 Penalties: 1

10/1/14 Riverwalk Friars/Presidio 6,627yards 71.9 128

Score: 78 (+6) FW: 5/14 GIR: 12/18 Putts: 35 Up/Down: 3/5 Sand Saves: 0/2 Penalties: 1

  1. charissarunning says:

    I can’t even begin to imagine the kind of focus and concentration you need to become a better golfer, but I can clearly see the hard work you put into this and it’s very inspiring. Keep at it and you will have better days soon, especially with your attitude and determination 🙂

    • Thanks Charissa! Yea golf can be such an up and down game. Improvement is definitely not linear, which is why the mental aspect of the game is so important. I’m determined to keep a positive attitude and belief in myself in my quest to improve. I could use your excel skills tho in creating a detailed practice schedule! Hahaha, keep working hard Charissa, you inspire me!

  2. Emily says:

    My putting is a huge problem as well. I played yesterday (at my home course) and hardly hit a green! And my birdie change from <5 feet I missed. So upsetting. The good thing is that it only gets better 🙂
    My round is probably my last for awhile as it's starting to get colder here, but looking forward to next spring!

    • Oh Emily I’ve been there with the less than 5ft birdie miss! I had two 3 putts from about 12 ft this past week, just sickening!
      The good thing about being in Southern California is year round great weather! Hey even if you can’t play, you can always practice your putting indoors during the cold, no excuses!

  3. arlynsmith says:

    I do not play golf,but lived in Kingsmill (golf community) so I know a little.

  4. Jazz says:

    Confidence focus and concentration in abundance … I like to read that… And although I’m not totally au fait with golf, I’m learning so thank you!

  5. Yes you can. If others have done it, you too can. All you need is to keep on keeping on. Persistent drops of water will end up wearing a rock. Stay on. I shall join you to celebrate when that golden day comes. Happy to have you back. I missed you while you were away.

  6. Putting has always been my achilles heel, along with a consistent driver! Anymore I find myself using my 4-iron off the tee and accepting the longer approach shots. It’s okay for the most part, but takes away the scoring opportunities on par 5’s!

    Keep working at it and you’ll get it though! I applaud your goal to become a scratch golfer. Golf is such a fantastic sport, and may be THE SINGLE toughest one to master on the planet!

    Good luck!

    • Thanks Kevin, yea I’d say driving accuracy and short game are the most important keys to getting to scratch. I really don’t have to hit too many drivers off tees right now, I hit my 3 and 5 woods with plenty of distance and they are far more accurate. I’m going to need to get a consistent driver if I want to progress to bigger tournaments however just to add a little more distance.

  7. Huddy says:

    It was the ‘game’ that started me back to good. It told me so much about who really was. I didn’t like it… so began to do something about it. Honor, integrity and self respect were highlighted like never before. Then… I changed my attitude for both myself and the ‘game’. Eureka… I found that I liked myself more & 10 strokes magically went away. The ‘game’ continues to teach and guide my journey. Just thought I’d share that.

  8. Kelly says:

    I think its great you are doing this. I don’t know much about golf. My husband has tried to teach me a thing or two about it…poor man. I’m terrible at at it. Anyway thanks for stopping by my blog and I pray God blesses your journey.

  9. I don’t know how many things in this world are more frustrating than a good drive, great approach to within 15 feet followed by a 3 (or 4!) putt. But then again, with the new putter, it’s expected that you’ll have a number of 3 putts until you get the lag feel down. Keep grinding and stay positive!

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