20140611_190427Eagle Crest Par 72 71.7/133 6,537 Yards

Score: 80 (+8) FW: 8/14 GIR: 12/18 Putts: 37 Up/Down: 0/3 Sand Saves: 1/2 Penalties: 2

Played a round on Wednesday over at Eagle Crest with a couple friends, I didn’t really get to practice as much as I would like since my round last week, so I was still a little rusty playing a very difficult course.  I started off the round solid with pars on the first 3 holes, but then played a really bad stretch of golf.  The course is already challenging, but I didn’t help myself any by hitting a couple drives into hazards, lipped out 3 different putts, threw a couple 3-putts into the mix and I found myself admits a 8 holes stretch of (+9) golf.  YUK!  I haven’t strung together that many consecutive holes of bogey golf in a while, just nothing seemed to go right, hit a ton of solid putts, but all they wanted to do was lip out or stop 1 rotation short.  I didn’t hit it well off the tee on those holes, but it was more my inability of my short game that racked up the score.  I hit a total of 12 of 18 greens in regulation, but had 37 total putts!  I’m just not taking advantage of my opportunities and can’t seem to make any birdie putts.  However, like I’ve been telling you guys, I’ve been working hard on my mental game, staying positive and “going with the flow” if you will.  Enjoying the fact that I get to even play golf and really enjoy the challenges of getting up and down if I miss a green or trying to salvage a good score after a poor tee shot.  It’s that change of perspective that has helped me maintain such a calm persona on the course.  Even the best pros in the world have some bad stretches of holes, but they don’t let it define their overall game…they know that they have the ability to turn it 180 degrees at any moment and go on a birdie barrage.  I didn’t go on any birdie barrages, but I did play the final 7 holes in (-1) with 6 pars and a birdie.  Even through that terrible stretch, I knew it was just a matter of time before I turned it around and started playing up to my ability, I kept focused on my routine and just accepted the outcomes of each shot.

Been really busy with work since Wednesday, so I haven’t been able to practice much during the past few days, but this next week should be better.  I need to start getting back into my practice routine again, the couple week layoff and this past week have gotten me out of my routine, not only with golf, but with updating the blog as well.  Hoping to be able to play tomorrow, but it is supposed to be a cool 105 degrees…the heat I can deal with as I’m used to playing golf in Palm springs type weather of 110+, but the humidity is what is hard.  Anyway, I’ll update you guys soon as I get back into the grind starting tomorrow.



  1. pfmorgan says:

    It’s funny how going with the flow covers most things in life.

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  2. valisilvia says:

    This is so cool to read all about your golf stories. I just did my green card last week, waiting to try all of that.

  3. gedert014 says:

    I had a really rough round Saturday at my home course. But then yesterday I came back with a 78 and felt a little better 🙂
    What is your handicap at now?

    • Nice Emily! Currently my USGA handicap is 1.3, but my CDF handicap is +1.6…although I’d say my putting sure doesn’t feel like somebody who is a 1 lol. What are you at?

      • gedert014 says:

        Currently I am at a USGA 5.5. Want to get that down to about a 3 or lower. I’m going to be playing in the USGA Women’s Amateur qualifier and Mid-Am qualifier next year. Need to get some more tournaments under my belt.

        • Good luck Emily, keep working hard! What’s the lowest you’ve gotten your handicap before? I would love to be able to play in some USGA events in the next couple years, do you know how much they cost? You just need a handicap of 3 or lower to enter?

        • gedert014 says:

          I played in college and didn’t have a handicap while I played, so this is the first time I’ve officially had a handicap (although I admit I am playing better than I probably did in college). The USGA site has the qualifying handicaps for tournaments. For the ones I want to play in, the handicap requirements are 5.5 (Women’s Amateur) and 9.4 (Women’s Mid-Am). It lists all of them here: https://champs.usga.org/index.html
          There are qualifiers in most states and you can qualify for the big national tournaments!

        • Thanks! I’ll bookmark that page so I can see when they post dates for 2015…I’ve got a lot of work to do if I want to be competitive in some of those….time to get to work!

  4. Wayne Halm says:

    Aloha Matt,

    I enjoyed your post concerning you round at Eagle Crest – and I strongly sympathize with your “terrible stretch”. For me bad holes frequently come in pairs. Why? I think because I let the memory of the first interrupt my routine during the second. Much of that interrupted routine happens between my ears. To get back on track and restore my confidence, I will often choose to hit a “high percentage” shot even if it doesn’t reach the green. With my confidence somewhat restored there is a chance my wedge can leave me with a one putt. – But that is just me.

    A Hui Hou (until next time),
    Wayne Halm

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