Alright well I’m leaving tomorrow for the 3 day tournament in Palm Springs and I’m both excited and little nervous.  I’m more excited than nervous really, but there is a part of me that has added some unneeded pressure on my performance this year because of the unexpected success I experienced last year.  I want to go into this years tournament just like last year with no expectations of results, just purely with the mindset of sticking to my routine and focusing on trying to execute one shot at a time…if i can do that, the score will take care of itself.  Don’t get me wrong, I have my goals for this tournament (shoot an under par round), but I know it’s going to be extremely difficult and that the only way I’m going to actually accomplish that is if I stick to my routine and stay positive.  Can’t get too up or too down and I must tag the same amount of low importance on every shot, from the first tee shot to the last putt and everything in between. A lot can happen in 54 holes…I know I have the ability to shoot under par now, I know that it’s possible, so lets have a positive mind set and give it my best shot!

I’m planning on taking some videos of my swing during the tournament and some pictures of the overall event that’ll be able to share when I get back.  That is if the camera on my phone doesn’t bug out on me again like it has been for the past week or so.  It’s been freezing up lately, but I got it working last night and had a friend record my last swing at the range.  I haven’t shown you guys the progress of my swing in many months, so I thought I’d show you guys a quick down the line video of my driver.  I’m really happy that I have figured out my driver in advance of the tournament, finally found a set up that is allowing me consistent solid strikes and the ball is jumping off the face with accuracy.  Any feedback on the swing would be nice, I haven’t looked at my swing on video in awhile, It looks like I get pretty steep, but I’ve always done that naturally and right now I’m sticking with it because I’ve learned how to hit the ball well with it…I guess it doesn’t matter if the ball goes straight.

  1. Wishing you all the best! 🙂

  2. kaykay says:

    Best of luck! I was in Palm Springs, CA for years! Can’t wait to hear how you do. You have the right attitude…take it hole-by-hole and don’t let the hole behind you affect your performance on the holes in front of you. And most of all, have fun!

  3. Good Luck! Hit them long and straight, chip them close and often, and putt them true and once!


  4. pucksauce says:

    Best of luck! Stay with in your element and don’t make mid round adjustments to your swing go with what’s working

  5. svgolfer says:

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    Awesome. You’re inspiring me. That’s where I want to be this time next year. I haven’t even touched my driver yet for some of the same reasons. May the force be with you and may you stick to your routine! Positive vibes 4sure!

  6. Matt, The swing appears to be a very simple swing which is always b est in my .
    Are you hitting it straight or with a small draw or a baby fade? I found out a long time ago that when the nerves start popping and we know they can, instead fo dropping to a 3 metal I just moved the ball back closer to center of my stance and choked up aprrox. 1 1/2 inches moved in closer to the ball to compensate on the change and put a smooth swing on the ball. (about 75 to 80%) You may lose 20 yards but it will be on the short grass. Good Luck and Great Golfing!

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