Round Recap: The Vineyard 72 (+2)

Posted: July 15, 2013 in Golf Rounds
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My buddy had to cancel on me today a few hours before our round.  I debated not going up to play now that I did not have a partner, but you guys are keeping me motivated and accountable to keep putting out content, so I decided to just go up and try to play by myself.  I was hoping that this blog would help push me forward, that I would gain some accountability from my followers and it would give me that motivation to keep practicing and playing.  Over these past 7 weeks, I have gained more support from you guys than I could have ever imagined.  Your positively supportive letters and notes from all over the world have given me great motivation to see this journey out to the end….I will accomplish my dreams and when I do, a big part of that success  is going to be because of you guys, thanks!

When I got up to the course, it worked out exactly how I imagined and I was able to head out immediately upon arriving and got to play by myself the entire round!  No warm up probably cost me the first hole, but it’s no big deal.  Because I was by myself with nobody in front or behind for most of the round, I played my first ball for score and hit a 2nd ball occasionally for practice.  Love being able to have the time for some true course practice, it is almost impossible to replicate it on a practice chipping green at a driving range.  Had a lot of fun out there and even though I did not feel like my ball striking was as great as last week, was still able to put together my 2nd +2 round of my life.  So I tied my 2nd lowest round ever, so happy I decided to come out and play today, enjoy!

The Vineyard Golf Course 6,531 Yards Par 70


Front 9

Hole 1: 420 Par 4

No warm up and I kind of rushed my first swing, hooked it pretty badly, really lucky that it stayed inbounds just outside the hazard.  Was able to advance it to just in front of the green, where I had a pretty simple chip, but I over cooked it and had about a 12 footer left for par.  Missed the putt to start my round with a bogey.  Bogey

Round (+1)  

Hole 2: 351 Par 4

Short dogleg left with water surrounding the left side and green.  Hit a 4iron today and drew it perfectly back into the middle of the fairway.  Only had 112 to the center and just 123 to the back, a very thin green where the pin was located on the far right side.  Took a SW that I hit solid, but blocked it out left and it finished middle of the green about 20+ feet away.  Made a real solid lag putt to a tap in par.  Par

Round (+1)

Hole 3: 125 Par3

Pin was middle back today, but tees were up and was playing a total of about 108 and downwind.  I took a lob wedge and hit a very solid shot just right of the flag about 10ft.  Had a slight right to left breaking putt, that I thought I had made, but it burned the edge. Par

Round (+1)

Hole 4: 404 Par 4

Took driver today, but blocked it left and it was heading right for a water hazard on the left side.  I thought it was probably in from the tee, but when I got up there it was still inbounds.  Had about 80 yards to a front pin location, blind shot, but hit it just past the hole about 8ft!  Unfortunately ball finished on top of a ridge just above the hole, so I had a VERY quick birdie putt.  Played it off the toe to kill the speed and left it just inches from the cup, tap in par. Par

Round (+1)

Hole 5: 401 Par 4

Went with driver again today and bombed it down the middle to the end of the fairway.  Just a short pitch left with my 60 degree lob wedge, hit it over the flag about 15ft.  Should have been better from there, but I’ll take it. 2 putted for a quick par. Par

Round (+1)

Hole 6: 152 Par 3

Was playing about 138 today, hit a PW to this back right pin location, thought it was perfect, but it took a hard bounce and it got caught up in the rough before it could spin back.  Was left with little green to work with and a slight downhill slope.  Landed my chip a little further than I had pictured and as a result it ran past and was left with an 8ft par saving putt….failed to make the save. Bogey

Round (+2)

Hole 7: 295 Par 4

A sharp dog leg right hole, but gives you an angle to drive the green in 1.  Usually about 250-260 to carry the hazard and drive the green.  Last week I hit a 5 wood to just 15 or so feet for eagle, but today I even beat that!  Hit a great 5 wood, exactly how I pictured it and when I got to the green, saw the ball just 7ft for eagle!  Couldn’t see the flag on my tee shot, so got lucky that it was right at it, a perfect shot….but my putting is still a struggle to get comfortable and I pulled the pretty much straight putt.  A great opportunity for eagle missed, but I’ll keep taking birdies all day long. Birdie

Round (+1)

Hole 8: 419 Par 4

Tees were way back today and the hole was playing into the wind, good thing too because I hit a great drive that was hitting toward the fairway bunkers, but the wind stopped it just short.  I was in the fairway about 145 out, took a 9 iron and hit it just to the back of the green.  A 25 ft downhill, right to left breaking putt that I lagged perfectly and made a nice par. Par

Round (+1)

Hole 9: 503 Par 5

Very reachable par 5, hit a weak 3 wood down the left side.  It stayed just short of a bunker, but I had an awkward stance where my right foot was just on the lip.  249 left to green, was feeling good so I tried to hit a 5 wood from the lie.  Probably not the smartest idea and I didn’t really get good contact because of my stance and it just squibbed forward.  Had 180 in now with the wind, took an 8 iron that landed on the left side of green.  A 20 ft putt for birdie, just burned the edge of the cup and made the 3 ft comebacker for par. Par

Round (+1)


A solid opening 9 of 36 (+1) on this Par 35 Front 9…2 putted every green and unfortunately missed a 7 ft eagle putt, but I’m really pleased with my score, lots of greens in regulation and kept the ball in play.  Fairways Hit (FW): 4/7 44% Greens in Regulation (GIR): 7/9 77% Up/Downs: 0/2 0% Sand Saves: 0/0 0% Putts: 18 Penalties: 0

Back 9

Hole 10: 389 Par 4

Hit a bad drive that sliced left and found the hazard out.  Was able to hit my next shot just to the back of the green about 30 ft from flag, almost drained the long par, but it just missed for a bogey caused by a penalty.  Bogey

Round (+2)

Hole 11: 457 Par 4

A very tight driving hole, hit one of my best drives ever on this hole, fed the small fairway gap and finished just 124 out, 333 yard drive.  Was on a slight down slope on the fairway, clipped a SW a little thin and got barely any spin on it, it ran by about 25ft.  A slight right to left breaker…..drained it! Huge putt for me, stole a birdie on this very difficult hole.  After that bogie on 10, I needed this!  Birdie

Round (+1)

Hole 12: 154 Par 3

Another par 3 over water.  Hit a solid 9iron that drew and finished about 15 ft right of pin.  Quick 2 putt for par.  Par

Round (+1)

Hole 13: 477 Par 4

Downhill long par 4.  Blocked my driver to the left and I was left with a blind 2nd shot.  Was about 150 to the front, hole is downhill so I took a PW and tried to smash it, started it on my intended line so I was hoping it was close to green.  Ended up just short, but was on a perfect line to the pin.  Made a nice chip with my lob wedge to about a ft and tapped in for par. Par

Round (+1)

Hole 14: 412 Par 4

Water on the left and out of bounds on the right; hit a 5 iron today that I hooked.  Luckily it caught the fairway bunker or it would have hit off the hill hard and most likely out of bounds.  Had a real awkward stance, ball severely below my feet and my whole body outside of the bunker as my ball was just on the right edge.  Actually made pretty good contact and was able to advance a 9 iron up just short of the green in the fairway.  Decided to putt the ball as I was probably about 40 ft away from hole….hit another great lag putt through the fringe to about 3 ft and made the par save. Par

(Round +1)

Hole 15: 551 Par 5

Hit a weak drive down the left side and it finished in the rough on a side hill, uphill lie.  Tried to advance a 6 iron up, but hooked it badly into the rough.  Still 145 out for my 3rd into the wind….went with my 9, right at it, but wind knocked it down and it finished in the front portion of green.  Pin was in the very back on a little ridge, so I had about a 45ft putt for birdie.  Hit another great lag putt to about 3 ft and made my par putt.  Par

(Round +1)

Hole 16: 453 Par 4

The most difficult hole on the course according to the handicap on the scorecard.  Decided on 3 wood today and found the fairway.  Flag was in the very front of the green, hit a PW right at the flag, begged for it to be the right club, but it came up just short.  Should have been a fairly easy chip, but was debating whether to chip it low or high.  Choose to play it back in my stance and go low….mistake…. I ran it a good 9 ft by.  High was the way to go on that shot, missed the par putt for a disappointing bogey from what should have been a quite easy up and down spot.  Bogey.

Round (+2)

Hole 17: 157 Par 3

Hit a 9 iron off the toe and it just missed the green on the left side on the fringe.  Took out my trusty PW and played a great bump and run that took the slope left to right and finished just inches from the hole, tap in par. Par

Round (+2)

Hole 18: 411 Par 4

Very scenic 18th hole heading back down the hill to the clubhouse.  Went with driver again today, crushed it over the sand traps and it finished perfectly in the fairway just 70 yards out.  Ball on a down slope in the fairway, pin was on the back of this back to front sloping green.  Hit a great punch lob wedge, that flew all the way to the flag and stopped about 8 ft right of the hole.  A pretty straight putt, couldn’t have asked for a better spot to putt from, but I pulled it and missed right. Par

(Round +2)


Another solid 9 of 36 (+1) on the Par 35 Back 9….had a great birdie look on 18 for back to back career low rounds of +1, but slightly pulled it.  Fairways Hit (FW) 3/7 43% Green in Regulation (GIR) 4/9 44% Up/Downs 3/4 75% Sand Saves 0/0 0% Putts: 14 Penalties: 1

Final Score: 72 (+2) Fairways Hit (FW) 7/14 50% Green in Regulation (GIR) 11/18 61% Up/Downs 3/6 50%. Sand Saves 0/0 0% Penalties: 1 Putts: 32

I found a putting routine on the back 9 that really helped me to get consistent solid strikes in the center of the club face.  Still getting used to not lining up the lines on my ball with where I want to start my putts, it’s a little weird right now, but I putted fairly well all day.  Had zero 3 putts today so I’m really proud of that, something I’ve been working hard to correct.  I started to set up with my feet slightly open on the back 9 and it was allowing me to strike the putts in the center and start rolling more down my intended line.  I’m really excited that I was able to continue my low scoring and I’m hoping that if I continue to play confidently and believe in myself that these low 70 rounds are going to occur consistently.  Will be playing on Wednesday again, most likely at Riverwalk.


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