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On Thursday I decided to take most of the day working to revamp the blogs look.  I hope you enjoy it, I think it looks a lot better now and the page layout kind of has that “scratched” look and feel to it.  I added an about me page, if you click the photo on the left side of the page it will take you to that profile.  I love that photo, every time I look at it, it brings a calming and peaceful feeling to me, and I hope you enjoy its beauty as well.  I added also on the left side a definition of a scratch golfer and a handicap (including my current handicap) for some of you who might not be familiar with the terminology, as well as categorized my posts.  There are currently 5 categories at this point which are golf rounds/recaps, lessons, long game practice, short game practice, and just blog posts about life and general stuff.  Should make it easier to find what you’re looking for in future visits to the site.

Ok, now on to the golf game!  Thursday night I decided to go to the range and try and figure out my driver problems.  Was still struggling to hit my driver and woods solid and straight, but the rest of the clubs in my bag are coming around very nicely.  After the range session last night, I decided that today I would go back to my teacher to try and get some help with my driver and woods.  We worked on getting my left elbow into a better position tucked underneath my right.  This is something my coach has been trying to get me to do over the past few lessons, but subconsciously I had let it slip back into the old routine of left on top of the right.  Once I start to figure that out, it will bring me a lot more consistency in my swing.  Overall, he thought that I was improving nicely in my setup, grip, balance and swing path.  Today we also worked on not moving so far forward in my downswing.  This was causing me to get way out in front and my hands were getting stuck behind.  I was just shifting my hips forward instead of rotating them.  We worked on a few drills to help me get that feeling and yea it is going to take some time and practice before these feelings become normal and I’m able to repeat it each and every time.  It did help my driver though and I was starting to hit the ball fairly straight near the end of the lesson.  I need to feel like my arms are almost just dropping and moving first in my downswing.  My knees need to feel like they are separating and my right hip stays in the same spot and only rotates and does not shift forward.  You can check out my swing in the video lesson recap I’ll be posting here at the end of the video.  It might make a little more sense for you to see it than for me to explain it.

I’m definitely losing distance from where I was at before, but I just want to hit it straighter right now, the distance will come when I get more comfortable and am able to swing harder.  Going to be playing a round tomorrow morning with a buddy over at Meadow Lakes Golf Course, I have never played there before, but I have heard it can be quite challenging.  I’m not expecting to go out and shoot another 4 over round, but I’m hoping that I can continue my solid short game and improve on my driving.  I was able to get away with my horrible driving in my last round because I was able to put it into the other fairways and spots that I knew would be alright having played there many times before.  At a new course however, having seen only a few pictures where it looks like there are more canyons and out of bounds, I really need to keep my drives in play.  I’m more confident after this lesson though with my woods going into tomorrow, so my goal is just to break 80 (it’s a par 71).  My coach told me today that it is going to take a few weeks to get my body used to the new positions and that I should not expect to get it over night.  I’m excited that I am moving in the right direction and I can’t wait to get to work practicing and I’m looking forward to that day when it all clicks.

Here is my video recap lesson from today, enjoy!

Saturday I decided to take the day off, I really felt myself getting frustrated after my dissapointing range session on Friday and I wanted to just take a day and regain focus and confidence. “Frustration, although quite painful at times, is a very positive and essential part of success.”- Bo Bennett

Sunday I went over to see my coach again to get another lesson.  I asked him for reassurance that I was applying my grip correctly.  I want to have a solid understanding for what is exactly right, so in upcoming range session I don’t go trying to tinker with it again like I did on Friday.  Overall he thought that my set up, grip and takeaway were starting to improve nicely, but he wanted to work on my balance.  I tend to get my weight more on my toes at address and that causes me to bring my left leg up and in at impact, rather than straight and toward my right knee. It changes my spine angle and causes inconsistent strikes. (You must remember by the way that I’m a lefty, so for many of you picturing the right and left knee in your mind might be thinking that previous sentence didn’t make much sense)  By the end of the lesson my balance was a lot better and after hitting the rest of my golf balls after the lesson, I started to get more consistent strikes.  Just focused on my long irons Sunday, no woods and tonight I’ll be heading to the range again like usual on Monday night and test my whole bag with the new balance point.  Really need to get my driver and woods back to where they were before the changes if I’m going to continue to break 80.  I’m playing golf on Wednesday this week, not sure where at the moment, but am locked in with a friend to play on Wednesday, so this will be my first round since starting the blog and we will see how my new swing transfers to the course.  I’ll be posting a picture of my scorecard, where I keep track of varies stats. Fairways and greens hit, up and downs, sand saves, putts and penalty strokes.  My goals right now are to continue to break 80 with an improving short game saves %.

My lesson video wouldn’t process on here last night so I had to wait till today to post this after uploading the video to YouTube.  My range session last night was really good, started to implement the changes in my balance you’ll see in this upcoming video and it really seemed to work.  Kept my focus the entire session, visualizing playing golf holes and playing at flags.  Swing is still a work in progress, but feeling more confident with my swing going into my round on Wednesday than I was last week.  Here is the video recap of my lesson on Sunday, you can see how my balance has changed and looks to be in a much better position for more consistency strikes.

On Monday I went to the driving range at night and practiced for about 2 hours, worked mainly on my driver trying to improve my consistency.  I hit the ball really well and was feeling confident in my game heading into Tuesday where I decided to go get an hour lesson from my instructor.   We discussed how I have been playing lately and had him take a look at my driver and swing.  Needless to say he found quite a bit of flaws in my set up and grip.  I will be posting the video recap of my lesson that he sent me at the end, which is a really useful and cool thing that he does for his students.   At first, the feelings of the positions he was telling me to get into felt completely foreign and awkward.  I went from striking my driver solid and 300 yards to duck hooking it about 175 yards.  I was a little frustrated at myself for not being able to really “do” the changes he was asking me to do, but after the lesson I hit about 80+ balls and was really starting to figure it out by the end.  I started to hit the ball straighter with better strikes and distance.  It is going to take a lot of practice to start to feel comfortable in the new position I need to be in with my grip, set up and swing path, but soon enough if I keep practicing it, those feeling will become my new normal.  If it’s the correct position to be in that will help me be consistent in the long term then I’m all for trusting it 100%.  It is really frustrating though when you feel like you are finally improving your game only to have to retool your swing again and you start to feel like you are going to have to take a few steps back in the short term to hopefully move a lot further in the long term and get to where you need/want to be.   “Choose your goal and keep your eye on it. Never give up.  Perhaps you will need to change your plan and approach your goal from a different direction, but don’t quit.  Keep thinking. Keep re-planning. Keep going” – Jonathan Lockwood Huie

Going to go putt for a few hours today and hit up the range at night with a buddy.  Here is the video recap of my golf lesson on Tuesday.